Fifth. The Prix du Val d’Or at Saint-Cloud this Tuesday, October 11, 2022.


Fifth.  The Prix du Val d’Or at Saint-Cloud this Tuesday, October 11, 2022.
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Direction Saint-Cloud this Tuesday, October 11, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Prix du Val d’Or will have to compete against each other as starters. The race will be contested over 2400 meters, and endowed with 50,000€.

In this event, Nobody’s (2) was the author of a remarkable season. His position on the scale of values ​​is affected. Third in a fifth over 2,500 meters on August 14, we will be careful not to condemn him hastily on his recent failure. The distance of 3,000 meters that he discovered that day seemed long to him. He therefore deserves credit for his return over 2,400 meters. Blue Swan (6) may be a little less sharp than last season. Its most recent release, however, was encouraging in a similar context. His margin for success seems, a priori, quite slim. At the end of a good course, this endearing servant has a very regular chance to conclude, once again, among the first 5. Mysak Miky (11) looks like a young shoot. Indeed, at the age of four, he only ran 14 times. He has been doing well for his return to this level lately, falling relatively short for a top-5 finish. Certainly perfectible, it deserves to be watched here.

Geny’s secrets

Stefan Richter: Mika d’O (1) has been running very well lately. It took the lead a bit early by force of circumstance, but defended itself admirably well in the circumstances. It was over 2,000 meters that day. He also has titles on the so-called classic distance. Its good morning form is undeniable, especially as it has freshness at the end of the season. We expect very good behavior.

Bruno Audouin: Srifanelogreen (3) has remained in superb form since his last outing where he showed he could win a straight in 39 value. This commitment is the logical continuation and it is with confidence that we arrive at this race. With a good run, I hope he can win.

Stephane Wattel: Baden Rocks (4) has recovered very well from his last run and is in superb condition in training. From then on, we are going to this event with confidence. Logically, it has the means to fight for the first places.

Ludovic Rovisse: Smile Makers (5) is particularly fit at work. The quality of the course and the desire of the moment will be decisive in its result. At the end of a good course of the race, it has all the means to do well for its return to the handicaps.

Stephane Gouyette: Saam (7) has just done very well at this level. During his two previous outings he had been relatively disappointed, but not without apologies. In Dieppe, the ground was too light for his taste and the previous move in Saint-Cloud, he found himself among the leading horses too early. The horse is in good shape, titled at this level and at ease at Saint-Cloud. I therefore hope for confirmation from him on Tuesday.

Henri-Alex Pantall: Rue des Irlandais (8) was entitled to a little rest at the beginning of the summer, she now has two courses in her legs. You can feel it on the rise and I think it can fit in the right combination this time. I expect a good performance.

Carlos Lerner: Breath of Fire (9) is a well-known horse at this level. His preparation for this race went well. He has freshness at the end of the season and his partner, Ronan Thomas knows him like the back of his hand. His position on the weight scale having improved in recent months, our boarder deserves credit here.

Pierre-Jean Fertillet: Totem (10) is a chic horse! Despite the penalties, he always gives the best in competition and he proved to us that he remained competitive in 35.5 value. Always in good shape, we take the opportunity to try at this level. If he comes to finish in the top five, he will have fulfilled his contract.

Bruno Audouin: Bamcalyb (12) is in great shape. Now, it has never been so high in value. It will be a test with such a weight, but on its current form, it is necessary to try. Like any wait-and-see, it will be necessary to benefit from a fluid and trouble-free journey. If so, it may be considered for places.

Yoann Bonnefoy: Art of Fusion (13) is in great shape right now. His performances speak for him and I hope he can grab a good place. We do not pretend to say that he can win, but on his current form, I hope he will please us.

Julien Carayon: Joey Up (14) remains on several encouraging outings. It approaches the late season with a lot of freshness, which is an obvious asset. I’m hoping for a smooth track on Tuesday. If so, I expect good behavior. However, he is a horse that likes to attack and not be overtaken by his rivals. We must therefore be patient with him and count on a good progress in the race.

Stephane Wattel: Moon Wolf (15) is gradually returning to good form, but I fear that on Tuesday the ground is not yet heavy enough for him. It is a fan of deep tracks and, even if its value has been reduced, it is difficult for me to highly recommend it. Nevertheless, I hope to see him behave well.

Markus Nigge: Masterpower (16) shows a certain consistency, without playing the leading roles. At its value, its margin is non-existent. However, the horse is in good shape, has stamina and we take advantage of one of the last big handicaps of the season contested on the grass. Paired with a very fit jockey, he is not out of the question for a place here.

A summary: 4-7-6-3-8-9-15-2 The summary of the press: 4 – 8 – 6 – 1 – 3 – 7 – 12 – 5

Equidia: 3-8-6-4-1-15-7-5
Europe1: 6-4-2-3-8-7-16-1
The Parisian: 4-8-15-3-1-6-16-10
Alsace: 5-12-1-4-13-11-6-3
Paris Turf: 3-1-4-8-6-9-7-15


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