Fifth. The Prix Orionis in Vincennes this Friday, October 28, 2022.


The Prix Orionis in Vincennes this Friday, October 28, 2022.

Direction Vincennes this Friday, October 28, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Prix Orionis compete against runners. The race will be contested over 2850 meters, and endowed with 57,000€.

In this event, Fée de Boisney (1) has just behaved well twice in the amateur category. She runs what she has, because she will certainly be bred next year. It is a test at this level. This commitment is only reserved for females and without Europeans. With a very good course, it can be fourth or fifth, says Jérôme David

Geny’s secrets

Christopher Henry: Faustine Nay (2) ran well last time, where she ran into a wall in the final stage. She likes to be brought back and has a good finish. I think she would be better on the small track, but on her last outing on the big one she would have been fourth or fifth with a better run. It has its place in the fifth but more at the end of the combination.

Frank Harel: Fédora du Châtelet (3) has just returned to success after having recorded four first runners-up since the start of the year. In the process, she discovers a favorable commitment at the first level, even if there is opposition at the far post. It will be, this time, unshod four feet. It has enough assets in its game to grab a place.

Francois Pierre Bossuet: Folie Blonde (4) was not at best after his last outing this summer in Cabourg. She had pleased Eric Raffin that day. I waited to have it well to use it. She is in great shape in the morning. I did not have it as well during the year 2022 which was disturbed concerning it. She discovers a good entry in the lead with the only mares. We’ll wait and finish it.

Philippe Daugeard: Eva Madrik (5) is very difficult but has abilities. Lastly, there was a false start on the autostart. As she is relatively nervous, this disturbed her. On her previous outing, she put in a decent performance without being able to really express herself. She has no margin, but on a good day she is capable of doing well.

Richard Joly: Fairy Fraulein (6) had worked well in the first half. Also, I gave him a break at the end of the summer. Sunday, his return to Laon was very good. She didn’t have a hard race, basically doing the straight. She seems to have recovered well from her efforts. It is reliable for bettors and does the big track well. She can slip on arrival.

Nicholas Julien:Dothia (7) was badly engaged last time. This allowed him to prepare for this engagement. I prefer it on short distances but it has already succeeded on long ones. You will have to run beaten along the rail and have a share of luck. If she was fourth or fifth, that would be very satisfying.

Richard Joly: Féline de Lavau (8) has certainly not been unworthy at Enghien lately, especially since she prefers to be hidden. She is strong-willed and repeats her values. In the aftermath, she could not dream of a better commitment in the lead. Now, I prefer it on the flat profiles than on the main track at Vincennes. With a clear race, she must finish at the finish. Physically, she remained very well.

Aymeric Thomas: Flèche Etoile (9) was sent off recently by a galloping horse, which cost him fourth or fifth place. Previously, on the 2,100 meters at Vincennes, she had produced a premature effort. At work, she still looks good. We are dependent on the course but it can complete the finish.

Paul Philippe Ploquin: Fable du Plessis (10) is slow to regain its best level, after being stopped for a long time. As she shows no signs of fatigue in training, we insist. It should logically run in progress, but it will have difficulty finishing in the fifth, even if it will be, this time, tackled in front and unshod from behind.

Damien Heon: Déesse de Corday (11) has only been beaten by good horses lately. Besides, if she hadn’t had a stroke in the last bend, she would have won according to her driver. She is better coming from behind. If that goes well, she is competitive in this homogeneous group, only reserved for females.

Pierre Louis Desaunette: Carla du Houlme (12) needed reassurance lastly after unsuccessful attempts. In his defense, the courses had not been favorable to him. She’s only been on the claiming straight recently, but in a good way. She responded well to the tricks. She is 10 years old and I take the races as they come. She will keep pace and can snag a small lot. Fashion Touch (13) had pulled a bit at Enghien. Afterwards, she had a dirty trachea. She was given a one-month break. Its comeback was correct but, recently at Graignes, it didn’t thrill me. In her defense, she started in the second line and prefers long straight lines. Here, it’s a race that I aimed a bit. She is fine but not as ready as in the spring.

Julien Le Mer: Daughter of the Oak (14) has not been the luckiest lately. At Enghien, she quickly found herself in the back, so it was difficult to come back. It must also be said that she no longer has any leeway. On this course, it will have to benefit from favorable circumstances to grab fifth place.

Christophe Hamel: Egine Précieuse (15) ran well again, recently at Enghien. It did not have a very good race at the start of the course. She stayed on top and the commitment is tailor-made. By making the distance, it is obviously necessary to be brought back without making too much effort. If so, she should still take an active part in the finish. It won on its only outing at Vincennes…

Nicolas Jaulneau: Dolce d’Ebane (16) returns to the trot, where she had been unhappy twice in a row in straights in the spring. She worked well on Tuesday morning, I expect a decent result. As it pulls a little, it is better hidden.

A summary: 11-3-15-13-8-9-14-6 The summary of the press: 15 – 13 – 8 – 3 – 6 – 9 – 2 – 11

The Parisian: 13-15-8-3-2-14-6-11
Alsace: 15-13-3-8-6-7-11-9
Paris Turf: 15-9-11-3-13-16-8-4


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