Final Fantasy 16: 5 things to know about Square Enix’s new bombshell

Final Fantasy 16: 5 things to know about Square Enix’s new bombshell
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Game News Final Fantasy 16: 5 things to know about Square Enix’s new bombshell

The famous summer announcements started with the State of Play. And between Street Fighter 6 and Resident Evil, Sony sent heavy from the start! And for the grand finale, we had the right to Final Fantasy 16! Square Enix gave us a three-minute video that says a lot about the next episode of its legendary series, and on many levels.


  • The Primordials are essential!
  • A new combat system?
  • The power of summons
  • Still a lot of questions
  • See you next year

The following text is a transcript of the video above

The Primordials are essential!

First of all, a little recap is in order! Final Fantasy XVI takes place in the world of Valisthea. In this world, there are gigantic crystals where different kingdoms have developed, because these give magic to nearby people. But everything gets complicated when you start adding to that, the Primordials. These are kinds of super-powerful monsters that only a handful of people can summon to use their strength in combat. These lucky ones are the Emissaries and are each linked to a single Primordial. First we have Hugo Kupka, Emissary of the Primordial Titan and high-ranking member of the Republic of Dalmequia. Wealthy and influential, he has everything he wants and doesn’t seem very friendly at first glance. But his meeting with another Emissary will profoundly change his life and his destiny.

This is Benedikta Harman, holder of the power of the Primordial Garuda. It is better not to rub shoulders with his blade and his icy temperament (even if, in view of the trailer, we are not immune to a little heat). These two emissaries will undoubtedly be allies of the hero of this Final Fantasy 16. Clive may be an outstanding swordsman, he does not have the strength of the Primordials, at least not entirely. It was his younger brother, Joshua, who inherited the Phoenix, and Clive swore to protect him. Of course, an event will come and turn everything upside down and Clive will have to embark on a revenge quest against the dark Primordial Ifrit. Everything seems to be taking place against a backdrop of global chaos and with rivalries between the different nations of Valisthea.

A new combat system?

And fights, we saw some during this State of Play! Let’s start with the basics: Final Fantasy 16 continues the momentum of the latest games like FFXV or FFVII Remake with a real-time combat system. But the game does not do so much in copy-paste. The gameplay has evolved a lot. The fights seem, indeed, much more dynamic. Unlike Noctis and his throwing sword, Clive rushes into the heap and is not afraid to chain the blows (and take some). On this point, he is a bit reminiscent of a certain Dante from the Devil May Cry series. And that’s hardly a coincidence.

Been to Ryota Suzuki? He is the combat manager of Final Fantasy 16. This Capcom veteran joined Square Enix recently. It must be said that the boy has a CV as long as the arm, with in particular Monster Hunter World, Dragon’s Dogma and of course Devil May Cry 5. Another highlight: skills. They can be seen in the lower right corner of the screen and they are visibly more numerous. Switching from one to the other looks pretty handy, and it seems to yield some great fighting moments. If we go into the details, we can talk about the return of the Stagger system from FF13. The goal is simple: hit the weak points of the enemy to put him in a state of shock before being able to chain attacks without him being able to counter-attack. There are also keys dedicated to objects which may induce the end of the moments of pause allowing to drink a potion.

Final Fantasy 16: 5 things to know about Square Enix's new bombshell

The power of summons

The most important point when talking about combat is of course the summons (or the Primordials). We haven’t mentioned it, but each Primordial is linked to an element. For Garuda, for example, it is wind, while Phoenix is ​​oriented towards fire. At this time, it’s unclear exactly how, but Clive seems able to use some powers related to the Primes. In combat, he has elementary skills specific to Titan, Garuda and company… Simply pressing the L2 key allows you to switch from one type of ability to another without difficulty, and thus adapt the nature of your attacks. to your opponent.

But it’s through boss battles that you can grasp the full power of the Primes. Most of them see these colossal creatures clash and the least we can say is that it throws some. Nevertheless, these phases of boss fights raise small questions. Their sleek interface is reminiscent of versus fighting games. Does this mean that we will return to turn-based combat for this kind of phases? This is one of the many questions that still remain unanswered.

Final Fantasy 16: 5 things to know about Square Enix's new bombshell

Still a lot of questions

Let’s go for the frequently asked questions. And we start with Clive, the hero of this FF16. How can he thus use the power of the Primordials? And does that imply that he will be the only playable character? And yes, because from what we have seen, he is the only one to take part in the fight. Will the Final Fantasy license take the side of offering only one fighter this time? Square Enix would thus break a tradition that even FF15 had kept by allowing characters other than Noctis to be played, at least after several updates.

Another big question: the structure of the game. Rather open world or corridor levels? We didn’t really have any precise information on this subject and the State of Play video didn’t help us. By focusing on the fights, she left that question hanging. Impossible to know what it is for the moment, even if the map released shortly after the State of Play allows us to get a small idea of ​​the size of the world to explore.

And the Black Scourge? What is that ? What is his role ? Because if the latter is mentioned as the big threat by the official site of the game, we have mainly heard about a war and the terrifying Ifrit. The link between the three is still unclear, just like this famous event which should link Clive to the whole plot. We are therefore awaiting some clarification on this subject. And then there are the details. What is that bar below your life gauge? Is it used to charge special moves or simply to summon the Primordials? We do not really know. And then what is the role of these crystals that seem so important in Valisthea? On which side are the other Primordials? Why is Clive called the Destiny’s Child?

In short, the list of unanswered questions is still long.

Final Fantasy 16: 5 things to know about Square Enix's new bombshell

See you next year

Final Fantasy 16 has found a release date… or rather a window. The adventures of Clive will begin in summer 2023 on PS5. Those who were hoping for an arrival at the end of the year will therefore have to be patient, even if this is still very good news. If Square Enix takes its time, it’s to do things right. Because according to the developers, the game is finished, from start to finish. We have known this for a while, since Yoshida Naoki, producer of the title, makes it a point of honor to be as transparent as possible with the players.

It was he who had thus affirmed that the game was in its final phase of development, opening the door to a whole series of rumors about the date of the presentation of the game which have agitated the web in recent months. But if the game is over, why is it only coming out in a year? Well, the developers will tweak and optimize the formula to make sure they don’t make the same mistake as Final Fantasy 15. Remember, when it launched in 2016, FF15 was riddled with inconsistencies and bugs, to the point to be considered almost unplayable by some players who quickly dropped out.

Square Enix had been able to save the day with numerous patches, but clearly, this strategy had proved to be risky. We feel that this time the developers want to do things right and deliver us an impeccable game to restore the image of the saga. It remains to be seen if this will be the case on release day.

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