Florent Pagny gives his news from his house in Biarritz, the end?


Florent Pagny gives his news from his house in Biarritz, the end?
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When you are going through a difficult period, having comfort is an incredible opportunity. Feeling loved gives us the strength to keep fighting and this is the case for Florent Pagny. As we all know, the French singing star is currently suffering from lung cancer.

Inoperable, the disease forced the interpreter of “Knowing how to love” to cancel his 60th birthday tour. Following the announcement of his cancer on January 22, 2022, he received a huge outpouring of support from his fans, friends and especially his family. In a relationship for more than two decades with his charming wife, he is the proud father of two children who are now adults.

Always optimistic

The state of health of the famous juror of The Voice worries his fans. As you have probably noticed, for some time now, it is with a shaved head that Florent Pagny appears publicly. A new look that he decides to take as a joke. It must be said that the singer has always shown optimism since the beginning of his war against the crab. Wanting to be reassuring, he said:

“This disease has clarified my future, once I have finished my chemo, the sixth, I will get back on my feet, enjoy life, my loved ones close to nature and it’s a chance. I will check regularly during these six months of break. Then I will come back.”

Very well surrounded

It is alongside his loved ones that Florent Pagny faces his cancer. These are its pillars and priorities in life. They play a major role in his recovery and as Nikos Aliagas, who interviewed the singer in the columns of Gala magazine, so clearly stated, the family is “the first base for facing the disease”. And among the Pagnys, we prefer to “demystify” the cancer of the patriarch.

“They are there, and we put it all into perspective as a family. We don’t want to get caught up in the drama. With us, we tell ourselves that there will always be solutions since there is a problem! “said in front of the host of” The Voice “.

Always during the same interview, with humor, the former mentor of Slimane had confided:

“I am not devastated. And so well accompanied. When I grumble at home, I say to my loved ones: “It’s not my fault, it’s because I’m sick!” It makes them laugh and it passes! »

Who are his wife and children?

Since the beginning of this article, we have not stopped talking about the relatives of the singer, but who are they? So let’s start with the one that made his heart capsize. The latter is called Azucena Caamaño and is from Argentina. Born in 1967, the pretty brunette is a multi-talented woman. Formerly a model, she officiates as an artist-painter. Azucena is also an entrepreneur. Indeed, it has its own brand of organic cosmetics: Osazucena.

His love affair with the interpreter of “My Freedom to Think” now lasts almost three decades. It was in 1993 that they met for the first time at a party organized by mutual friends. Between the two, love at first sight did not occur at first sight. And for good reason, Azucena found that the singer was a badger. It must be said that at the time, Florent Pagny was in a bad patch. On the sentimental level, he had just separated from Vanessa Paradis and his career was not looking good. But over time, she got to know and love him.

In 2006, after years of romance, they decide to say “yes” to each other for life. Note that before passing the ring finger, the lovebirds were already the happy parents of 2 children. The eldest, Inca, came into the world in 1996. Passionate about graffiti, the young man has an airplane pilot’s license. As for her little sister, Aël, born in 1999, she loves photography. Very active on Instagram, she shares some of her works there. With all these beautiful people, there is no doubt that Florent Pagny is the happiest of men.

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