Florent Pagny reveals how he learned of his cancer on the set of The Voice, heartbreaking secrets!


Florent Pagny reveals how he learned of his cancer on the set of The Voice, heartbreaking secrets!
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Florent Pagny is a French singer adored by all. He is also a coach on the set of The Voice, where he uses his knowledge wisely. Unfortunately, he received a bad new who turned his world upside down. Indeed, this bad news changed his life forever. Fortunately, he remains surrounded by his family and loved ones. Florent Pagny will always remember this famous January 7, 2022. He told how he discovered that he was suffering from lung cancer, while he was on the set of The Voice. He made a moving confession to our Gala colleagues on May 12, 2022.

His lung cancer

Despite the fact that his tumor cannot be operated on, Florent Pagny continues to nurture the hope of chemotherapy. So on January 25, 2022, he announced he had lung cancer on Instagram. However, the coach of The Voice remains confident and optimistic. And this, as he confided in the columns of our Gala colleagues on May 12, 2022. He affirms that his tumor has gone “from the size of a good kiwi to that of a hazelnut”.

This happy new slice with his memories of the famous January 7, 2022, the date on which he learned that he had the lung cancer. At that time, present on the set of The Voice, Florent Pagny remembers the news. I was coughing so much that I wanted to know what I had before restarting the end of my tour, scheduled for January 25th. I thought I had bronchitis that would resolve with antibiotics. Finally, I discover that day that I have a tumour”, he revealed.

Florent Pagny: “I tried not to ask myself too many questions”

The Voice coach remembers having found in a kind of fog”, “an in-between worlds”. A mental state justified by the expectations to know if his tumor could be the subject of an operation. At that time, I tried not to ask myself too many questions because the answers can destroy you. You also cannot let yourself slide into sadness or anguish that you cannot control,” he said.

Full of courage, Florent Pagny did not, however, lose hope. “We had to think things through. So I stayed in a kind of vagueness where you feel things but nothing definitive”, he continues. Fortunately for the singer and coach of The Voice, his state of health has been stabilized. Indeed, thanks to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Florent Pagny succeeded in reducing the size of his tumor. And therefore, to prevent metastases from spreading throughout his body. My mind is working well, my energy is there, my voice is good, I feel pretty good,” he confessed.

A news that has something to reassure all his fans who were waiting with great impatience for the big comeback of their artist favorite on tour. Florent Pagny, transformed by illness. But it takes more for the singer to let himself be demoralized!

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