Florent Pagny talks about his death? “I will die with a smile on my face”, he expresses himself on his last moments!


Florent Pagny talks about his death?  “I will die with a smile on my face”, he expresses himself on his last moments!
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Since the announcement of his illness, Florent Pagny has been discreet in the media. He finally comes out of the silence and gives his news. He does not hesitate to talk about his vision of death. And he expects to live through difficult months!

When the singer talks about illness and death!

A few weeks ago, Florent Pagny has announced that he has cancer inoperable lung. The coach of The Voice still wanted to go to the end of the season. And it was his little protege Nour who won the competition. The singer is a regular, this is not the first time that one of his favorites has won the competition on TF1.

A few days later, he announced that he had to stop his 60th birthday tour. He had to start his chemo and it prevents him from singing as he wishes. It’s a real nightmare, his job is everything to him.

And in this difficult time, Florent Pagny can count on his family and friends. His wife is there to support him and accompany him in good and bad times. And in order not to undergo too many requests, and to rest when he needs it, he cut off his phone. He especially seeks to spend quiet moments with his family.

Among his friends who spoke out, there was Vianney, Amel Bent, M Pokora or even Nikos. They all left very touching messages for the sick singer.

His illness and his death, Florent Pagny confides without language of wood!

Florent Pagny does not want to hide anything from his fans. He did not hide having started chemo. His doctors have planned about fifty sessions for him. And since he started, he feels tired, and has already lost all his hair. His fans have also found him very thin and are increasingly worried about his state of health.

The singer takes things on the bright side. He confided in his tumor and the latest news is rather good. The latest results are quite good and the tumor has reduced by half. But she is still there!

His doctors have already planned the continuation to see how to exterminate this tumor on the lungs of Florent Pagny. After his chemo sessions, the singer will start another treatment.

But if that does not bear fruit, the coach of The Voice has already planned everything for his death.

The coach of The Voice has everything planned for his death!

Before having this disease, Florent Pagny took full advantage of his life. He never thought about his death. But since the beginning of his illness and the feedback from his doctors, he has started to think about it.

All his fans remember his song After U.S in which he broached the subject of death. During an interview given at the time of the release of this song, Florent Pagny had also declared to France Bleu ” I don’t really think about it. It’s the only certainty we can have, so let’s try to make it happen as best as possible. »

The coach of The Voice did not stop there. Florent Pagny then added “ My only fantasy would be to live old, without being sick, and to die with a smile… To make me light at the stake! Because where I live, they won’t bury me: I will go up in smoke and it will look like me! »

Florent Pagny has therefore planned a cremation and wishes to die with a smile!

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