Florent Pagny: this day when the singer had “kidnapped” Vanessa Paradis under the influence of a black anger


Florent Pagny: this day when the singer had “kidnapped” Vanessa Paradis under the influence of a black anger
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When they got together, Vanessa Paradis was only fifteen years old. Despite this big age difference, the two artists will love each other. A relationship that lasted four years. During this affair, the singer will love Vanessa Paradis with all his heart. He will even adopt a protective attitude and go so far as to commit madness. Find out what happened in this article.

Vanessa Paradis had filmed for the film “Noce Blanche”

In 1988, the idyll between Florent Pagny and Vanessa Paradis started and hit the headlines. While the young woman is a rising star in French song, the singer, 11 years her senior, already had several hits to his credit. According to him, their story would have been very beneficial for the young artist.

“After the success of Joe the taxi, everyone laughed at her. And when we started to live our story, things changed a lot and I saw her become the icon we know, ”he told Ciné Télé Revue.

The musical world is at his feet and the cinema opens its arms to him. The young teenager signs for the film “Noce Blanche” by the very controversial Jean-Claude Brisseau. However, the filming is very difficult for Vanessa Paradis, morally harassed by the director.


When the film was released, she confided in Première:

“Brisseau could do whatever he wants, I will never go back with him. He was detestable. »

A few years later, she also declared in Le Monde that even her assistant at the time did not even hesitate to make humiliating remarks to her.

“We watched the rushes, you were so bad yesterday, try to make an effort today. »

The anger of Florent Pagny

These scathing comments could be reported to Florent Pagny, who does not appreciate this attitude towards his companion. Not to mention that the singer is not comfortable with the script of the film, which tells of a troubled relationship between a teenager and her philosophy teacher.

So one Friday, the interpreter of the song “Anything” landed on the film set and had a small altercation with the director.

“The latter violently criticized the scenario which was, according to him, of a total perversity”

Florent Pagny was only for the fact that “Vanessa Paradis continues on this path”, says Lisa Heredia, editor and co-producer of the film, in the biography of Christian Eudeline Vanessa Paradis, divine artist, published in September 2021.

“Florent had kidnapped Vanessa”

She tells the rest of the story, which, Lisa Heredia still remembers, left the whole team “in shock”. The Monday following the altercation, neither Vanessa Paradis nor Jean-Claude Brisseau came on the set of the filming, as told by Lisa Heredia. The reason will surprise you.

“I would therefore learn at the end of the day that Florent had kidnapped Vanessa, forgetting that at that time, she was under our responsibility”, she reports.

This situation could have serious consequences for the parents of Vanessa Paradis. Indeed, they could have been forced, by the production, to pay a large sum of money in order to compensate for the breach of the contract of their daughter, then a minor.

Fortunately, no financial compensation was requested and filming, briefly interrupted, was able to resume. The filming was certainly stormy, but the success was there for Vanessa Paradis. In 1990, she was able to collect the César for best female hope for the role of Mathilde.

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