Football / Ligue 2. Omar Daf (FC Sochaux) finally speaks: “I felt pushed out by my management”


Football / Ligue 2. Omar Daf (FC Sochaux) finally speaks: “I felt pushed out by my management”
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Montbéliard, September 27, 2021. Photo ER/Michael DESPREZ

Omar Daf, something very rare, even exceptional, has decided to communicate in writing, his feelings about his current situation within the club and his relationship with Samuel Laurent. The general manager declared several sentences which put the one who is closer and closer to a status of ex-coach of the FCSM, in consternation.

“In recent days, I have read interviews with Samuel Laurent questioning my integrity as well as my attachment to FC Sochaux-Montbéliard. I did not want to spread our differences in the public square in order to protect the FCSM institution, as I have always done. But the latest contradictory and misleading statements about me force me today to speak out to restore the truth,” Omar Daf first announces.

“I have always expressed to the management my wish to register for the long term within the FCSM project”

“I have always expressed to management my wish to be part of the FCSM project for the long term. In recent months we have been in negotiations about the extension of my coaching contract. At the end of April, these discussions led to an agreement. Strangely, since this period, management has not found the time to formalize this agreement with a contract drawn up and signed by all parties. In any case, I had not even thought of leaving the club, ”he specifies.

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“As of the end of the season, after our unfortunate elimination against AJ Auxerre in the run-up to accession to the L1, the tone of the management towards me completely changed. Since then, the sports project has been done without taking into account either my opinions or my choices concerning both the arrivals and the departures of players within the framework of the next transfer window”, is it still mentioned in the press release written this Monday evening.

“Management has also sought to undermine my authority on several occasions”

“Management has also sought to undermine my authority on several occasions. Basically, I’m not really surprised by this attitude, which nevertheless touched me deeply given my historical attachment to the club, for which I invested myself with heart and professionalism for 22 years as a player, then as a coach.

“In this particular context, I was actually approached by several L1 and L2 clubs. Even if it was never my priority to get there, I unfortunately feel today in the situation of a coach kept at a distance from the sports project and pushed towards the exit by his management. Therefore, I have to consider all the options”.

“We do not share the same values ​​or the same ethics”

Omar Daf concludes: “I will in no case tolerate that I be given false words or acts. Over the course of the season which has just ended, I understood that the collaboration with my management would be complicated because we do not share the same values ​​or the same ethics”.

From now on, negotiations should be established between the two parties, in a very tense climate, so that Omar Daf can go to another club, whether Dijon, Bordeaux or elsewhere in Ligue 1. Because at this level, Daf made no decision.

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