For Janet Yellen “it is vital to control inflation” – Insolentiae


For Janet Yellen “it is vital to control inflation” – Insolentiae
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In an interview with CBS News, Janet Yellen talked about her outlook for 2023.

Here are the gist of his statements.

“I think inflation will be lower. I’m hopeful the job market will stay healthy so people can feel good about their finances and their personal economic situation,” she says.

“We learned a lot of lessons from the high inflation we experienced in the 1970s. And we are all aware that it is vital that inflation is brought under control and does not become endemic in our economy. And we’re making sure that doesn’t happen,” Ms Yellen said.

Regarding the country’s economic situation, the US Secretary of the Treasury (equivalent to our Minister of the Economy) recognizes that “there are always risks of deterioration”. The economy remains subject to shocks,” although she also claims that the United States has a “very healthy” banking system.

She also referred to recent layoffs at US tech companies: “Economic growth is slowing dramatically. And companies are aware of this. To reduce inflation, growth must slow”.

“I try to make sure everyone remembers that we implement programs that affect people’s lives. And we must do this with a sense of compassion and urgency,” says Ms Yellen.

And regarding the international community’s sanctions against Russia, Ms. Yellen notes that “the first objective is to limit the revenues that Russia receives. And we want to make sure they don’t get windfall profits. But the second goal is a goal that concerns Americans and countries around the world, and that is that we want Russian oil to continue to flow because Russia is a major supplier in the markets. So those are our two goals: to suppress the income of the Russians, to make the war more difficult for them, and to keep world prices in a moderate range and avoid spikes”.

Let’s summarize.

Yellen thinks it won’t be necessary to create a recession to slow inflation.

Inflation must be brought under control and not become endemic in our economy.

Finally…we must do this with a sense of compassion and urgency!

But how nice and friendly Janet is. A little more and we would all say thank you for taking care of us like that.

Except, Yellen is lying.

Energy inflation will continue since all the measures we take are aimed at this type of consequence.

Inflation will become endemic because the ecological transition and de-globalization are intrinsically and durably inflationary.

Finally, the compassion of the leaders in power is a big joke. They are ready to sacrifice every last one of us on the altar of American power and domination.

To understand the mammouchis in power, take their words and understand the reverse.

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