Ford Fiesta E85 test: why it is absolutely necessary to choose the bioethanol version

Ford Fiesta E85 test: why it is absolutely necessary to choose the bioethanol version
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With this 95 hp 1.0 Flexifuel engine, Ford completes its range using the cheapest fuel on the market. The driver has everything to gain.


  • General versatility
  • Habitable for a city car
  • Sufficient performance

The lessers

  • SP95 or E85 without difference in use
  • Perfectible finish
  • Low-speed comfort

In these times of overpriced fuels, everyone is looking for solutions to drive less expensively. Ford is therefore a hit with its E85 compatible models, the latter being sold on average for less than €0.8 per litre. This Fiesta thus adopts the 95 hp variant of the small three-cylinder 1.0 designed to run on either unleaded or ethanol. If this EcoBoost is not a thunderbolt in acceleration, its 170 Nm of torque available from 1,500 rpm already offer real pleasure on a daily basis. It even looks bigger than it is, willingly giving its all at the slightest shove of the accelerator. To the point that, right pedal to the floor, he has almost no more reserve, which requires, to overtake safely on the secondary network, to downshift to 4th (10.3 s from 80 to 120 km/h, compared to 14 s in 5th and 18 s in 6th).

The real consumption of the Ford Fiesta with SP95 and E85

Cycle SP95 E85
CycleCity consumption SP956.2l/100km E857.8l/100km
Cycleroad consumption SP955.9l/100km E857.5l/100km
CycleFreeway consumption SP956.7l/100km E858.5l/100km
CycleAverage consumption SP956.2l/100km E857.8l/100km

Interesting precision, as often on the E85 models of the manufacturers, the reminders are slightly better with this fuel than with unleaded: count a big second less on all the reports. But the big advantage of this cleaner fuel is its much more competitive cost per kilometre. Because despite the inevitable overconsumption implied by E85 compared to unleaded (7.8 l/100 km against 6.2 l on average here, i.e. + 26%), this Fiesta Flexifuel will cost you less than 6 €/100 km, against more than 10.5 €/100 km with SP95 E10 . Without forgetting an almost general exemption from the regional part of the taxes on the gray card.

Good attendance

A good deal therefore, especially since this Fiesta, well placed in price, remains a rather frequentable city car. It’s not as well built as a Clio – only the top of the dashboard adopts a soft plastic – and it is better to avoid the Sport chassis and the 17-inch wheels of the ST-Line, which degrade comfort , but, for the rest and in Titanium finish, this Ford is a good choice. Sufficiently roomy for a small family, it also knows how to please those who like to drive, with its incisive and eye-catching front end… at least on dry ground.. Because, on wet pavement, this Fiesta slips quite early from the front and its a little too assisted direction does not allow to feel approaching its limits of adhesion.

Data sheets

Trade name Ford Fiesta (7) bis Flexifuel 95 Méca6 (120g) 2022
box type manual
Published on 05/10/2022 Updated 05/10/2022

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