Formula 1 – Hungarian GP: Horner happy with competition with Ferrari, “there are fewer c*******s” than with Mercedes


Formula 1 – Hungarian GP: Horner happy with competition with Ferrari, “there are fewer c*******s” than with Mercedes
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Christian Horner is a happy team boss. Halfway through the F1 season, he sees his driver Max Verstappen, reigning world champion and winner of the recent French Grand Prix, hold a 63-point championship lead over his biggest rival, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc. As for the constructors’ classification, Red Bull is also ahead of the Italian team by 56 points.

It is therefore with a smile on his face that he confided in Eurosport Great Britain, on the challenges to come, and above all, on the competition which opposes him this year to Ferrari. “There is a respect between the two teams, who are extremely competitive. We are head to head in every race, but there is a real respect between the drivers and the teams, it’s good to see”says the boss of the team linked to the energy drink brand.

Hungarian Grand Prix

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“The two Mercedes have beaten a Red Bull on a regular basis, that marks a before and after in 2022”

Without forgetting to drop a little spade to his former rival, Toto Wolff, the boss of the Mercedes team: “Certainly today there was a competition that focused on what happened on the track. who arrives out of the circuit”says Horner, thinking of the many hiccups between the Austrians and the Germans, while Lewis Hamilton and Verstappen fought for the title until the last corner of the season.

Toto Wolff and Christian Horner

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Horner, on the other hand, is much quicker to compliment the Scuderia: “Ferrari have a great car. I think they are a bit better than us on the corners. We have a car that is aerodynamic and therefore goes faster on the straights. So we have a different way of approaching the circuits , but it often ends with a similar lap time. It’s been very close in almost every race so far.”recalls the 48-year-old leader.

“Leclerc’s error may also be due to increased pressure from Red Bull”

“All that matters is who will make the fewest mistakes on D-Day, the type of tire used, the temperature, the pit stops, the strategy, it’s crucial”, Horner also explains. While his team seems more than ever in a position to achieve a new double, the boss of Red Bull wants to mobilize his teams, before the next Grand Prix this weekend in Hungary. “I think we may have taken our opportunities better in this first half of the year, but I expect it will still be very tight until the end.”.

French Grand Prix

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