Fort Boyard – Internet users disturbed by the voice of the Hunter, a member of the Masters of Time


Fort Boyard – Internet users disturbed by the voice of the Hunter, a member of the Masters of Time
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In this new season of “Fort Boyard”, the Hunter captures a candidate to test his potential. (Screenshot France 2)

This Saturday, July 16, France 2 is broadcasting a new number of “Fort Boyard”. For this third show of this new season, Olivier Minne, Father Fouras and the whole team of the legendary summer game welcome Philippe Etchebest, Ciryl Gane, Elsa Esnoult, Terence Telle, Erika Moulet and Aldebert, all of whom came to win a maximum of boyars for the association “Firefighters Solidarity”. At the start of the show, Philippe Etchebest was captured by the Hunter, a member of the Masters of Time. The latter has disturbed many Internet users for a particular reason: he speaks.

This Saturday evening, a new team of adventurers are setting off to attack the famous “Fort Boyard”, on France 2. On the occasion of the third issue of this new season of the show, they are Philippe Etchebest, Ciryl Gane, Elsa Esnoult, Terence Telle, Erika Moulet and Aldebert who challenge Father Fouras in an attempt to win as many boyars as possible, for the “Pompiers Solidaires” association. And the least we can say is that the indestructible guardian of the Fort has gone into overdrive by releasing a new asset: “the evening of all dangers”. Thus, several events saw their difficulty go up a notch. Poor Elsa Esnoult, singer and actress from the series “The mysteries of love”, therefore paid the price from the start of the game, during the barracks test: three cords were added on a thrown carpet at full speed !

VIDEO – Discover Philippe Etchebest’s Minute

“It’s cheap…”

There is no shortage of novelties this season. One of them was particularly commented on by viewers. From the first quarter of an hour of the show, Philippe Etchebest was thus chased and then captured by the Hunter. In a presentation screen, the latter introduced himself: “Our organization? You know its name, it is called “Les Maîtres du Temps”. I am in charge of recruiting them. the Hunter because I have an eye for spotting those who hold certain qualities. The secret when tracking down potential future recruits is to have no compassion because the tests to become one of us are merciless but we have no other choice. Our leader can’t stand failure.”

Now captured, the famous TV host and chef exclaimed: “It’s a blow from Father Fouras that! He’s scared, I know he’s scared, that’s why he took me away !”. In reality, Philippe Etchebest has become “the prey” of the Hunter as part of a new ordeal.

The new character of the game then explained: “My comrades and I are impatient to see what you have in your belly. (…) I thought I perceived in you a certain aptitude, an essential quality to any Master of Time: resistance, obedience to duty and resistance to the enemy are two of our greatest virtues. But you, are you resistant? The Hunter then invited Philippe Etchebest to place his hand above the flame of a lit candle. After holding out for ten seconds, the leader then followed the Hunter for a new test. At arm’s length, the chef had to hold a cylinder until it filled with clepsydra liquid. When filled, the cylinder weighed almost 40 kg! The leader known to M6 viewers brilliantly won his race, astonishing the Hunter: “I was not mistaken: you have the mind and the will of a tiger. So you deserve this key!”

With a second key won for the team, Philippe Etchebest delighted his partners! But this evening, the twittos were mainly challenged by the voice of the Hunter. Indeed, on the occasion of this new season, it is the first time that a Master of Time speaks in the game, which has confused many Internet users…

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