Freebox Delta, Revolution and One: discover the new version of Player M3U, giving you access to many channels


Freebox Delta, Revolution and One: discover the new version of Player M3U, giving you access to many channels

A brand new V2 is available for M3U player, an application that allows you to integrate different streams to access many channels.

Useful, this application provides access to an infinity of TV streams. To use it on the Freebox Delta, One or the Freebox Revolution, simply launch the download from the Freestore, the application store integrated into the TV interface of the box, after paying the necessary amount (3.99€) to buy this paid application.

If you have already purchased it, go to the “my applications” section to update it to version 13.0. You will then need to find an M3U file corresponding to your expectations in terms of TV channels. Note that an M3U file is a compilation of addresses allowing access to different TV streams. You can discover the procedure to install an M3U file on our tutorial.

This new V2 reviews its interface by offering new ways to access streams and we offer you an overview of the update. As a reminder, the use of M3U streams is authorized, but the content offered may be illegal.

We will not cross the yellow line by directly providing the download links or linking sites to you. It’s up to you to snoop in Google, bearing in mind that receiving a TV channel to which you are not subscribed makes you illegal.

Once the application is properly installed, you can launch it and immediately find yourself in the heart of the matter with four choices available to you. Each line is a way of accessing a content catalog with a different methodology.

If you are used to M3U files and you already have some installed on your hard drive, just click on “load your data from the device”. You will then navigate through your file tree (on a rather dated interface, it must be admitted) until you find the file you like. Once launched, you access various channels.

Another solution is to enter the link of a file available on the Internet, a more complicated practice, the entry on the remote control is not necessarily the most intuitive. As for the “play with a single stream” section, it can be useful if you only want to use the application for a single channel, you will then have to enter the URL of the stream in question. Finally, you can notice a section called “Connection with the Xtream Codes API”, the latter requires a subscription to the eponymous IPTV service.

What happens once the M3U file is launched? You then find yourself on a fairly basic interface, offering you all the available flows in categories varying according to the file. All you have to do is navigate to find your favorite channel and click on it to launch it. Note, the numeric keypad on the remote control can be used to switch from one channel to another if necessary.

It is possible to add several favorite channels to find your way around more easily.

What if the file no longer suits you? All you have to do is press the menu button on your Freebox remote control, to open a sidebar offering you several options. First of all, access to favorites precisely, but also a search functionality. By clicking on select group, you can switch categories more easily. Finally, in the settings, you can access a section dedicated to changing files.

In short, fairly standard features for this type of player but which work quite well. We recommend, in addition to checking the legality of the streams offered in your M3U files, to directly download these files to install it on your hard drive in order to facilitate access to your content. Note that if you wish, another application is available under the name of M3U on the store, this time free, with a slightly less attractive interface.

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