French Days: crazy price on the brand new 10-second Y-Brush toothbrush (quickly)


French Days: crazy price on the brand new 10-second Y-Brush toothbrush (quickly)
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Autumn is here and with it, the unmissable French Days. To take care of your oral hygiene, Y-Brush is your best ally. This revolutionary toothbrush thoroughly cleans your teeth in just 10 seconds. Especially since on the occasion of the IFA, Y-Brush lifted the veil on its third generation. Until September 26you will be able to leave with accessories offered for the purchase of a toothbrush.

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Y-Brush democratizes toothbrushing in 10s and launches new ranges for adults and children

At the IFA show earlier this month, the Lyon-based startup unveiled its third generation of toothbrushes, with a simplified and diversified range. For the occasion, discover NylonStart and NylonBlack. Y-Brush’s idea with these two new ranges is to reach more people and make your toothbrushes more accessible.

The principle remains the same: make this rather boring and restrictive task a pleasant (and quick) moment for everyone. Whichever range you choose, the promise is always to get you brushing your teeth in just 10 seconds. The unique shape and the revolutionary technology of Y-Brush are always there to accompany you in your oral routine. In ten seconds, your teeth are clean and thoroughly cleaned.

If it achieves this result in only 10 seconds, it is simply because Y-Brush includes all the teeth of the same arch. So instead of brushing your teeth one by one, it effectively brushes your teeth at the same time.

It also relies on its innovative patented NylonMed V2 technology and its sonic vibration system with 35,000 flexible nylon filaments. This material allows it to properly remove dental plaque while its competitors using the same shape use silicone spikes that only caress the tooth. Thus, Y-Brush is the only toothbrush of this form to be truly effective.

During the French Days, French know-how is in the spotlight. Good news : Y-Brush is the only electric toothbrush on the market to be manufactured in France. Cock-a-doodle Doo ! For flawless efficiency, the Lyon startup has surrounded itself with French dentists to develop a toothbrush capable of eliminating dental plaque and other dirt in record time. This close collaboration has paid off.

In addition, an independent clinical study supports the effectiveness of this revolutionary toothbrush and the rating of 4.2 / 5 obtained on Trustpilot speaks for itself. The French are more than 60,000 to trust Y-Brush.

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The NylonStart toothbrush, accessible to all, is the startup’s new product with a unique vibration mode and colors that will match any bathroom. Its more premium NylonBlack model offers four vibration modes and an elegant and refined design.

An additional advantage for ordering French? The delivery time. In just 48 hours, your Y-Brush arrives in your mailbox. Your new toothbrush is shipped from the Lyon factory, which guarantees that you will receive it quickly.

Sensational offers during the French Days

With its two new ranges, Y-Brush unveils a model that is already more accessible, at a lower price than what the startup usually offered. Indeed, the Y-Brush NylonStart is at 79.99 euros. For its part, the Y-Brush NylonBlack toothbrush is displayed at 129.99 euros.

During these few exceptional days, you benefit from a refill pack consisting of a tube of organic fluoride toothpaste, a box of 30 pieces of dental floss with a handle and a Doypack of 120 toothpaste tablets chew fluoride. Worth 19.99 euros, it’s always a pleasure. To leave with this complete pack, you must use the promotional code RECHARGEYB. Also note that accessories get a 15% discount thanks to the promotional code FD15.

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The two new Y-Brush ranges are available on the official Y-Brush website. You can also find the brand at Fnac, Darty, Boulanger, Rue du Commerce or even Amazon.

You have until the evening of September 26 to take advantage of these various exclusive offers on Y-Brush products. It’s now or never !

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