Games from Xbox studios: towards a traffic jam in 2023?


Games from Xbox studios: towards a traffic jam in 2023?
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When we look at the list of Xbox games already confirmed in Xbox Game Pass in 2023 even though the year has not yet started, everything suggests that we are heading towards a historic year for Xbox. And it’s once again the insider Jeff Grubb who distills some clues this week on future releases from Xbox studios.

An already officially huge start to 2023

With the postponement of games originally planned for 2022 and titles that were already planned for next year, Xbox today certainly has the best line-up to come in the brand’s history.

And let’s see instead, in the first half of 2023 alone, many big games are already officially listed at Xbox studios: Starfield, Redfall, Ara: History Untold and Minecraft Legends will be released during the first part of the year.

For the moment, none of these four games has a firm release date and it’s a safe bet that we will have to wait for an upcoming event for the brand to communicate a more precise schedule. A new “XO” at the end of the year followed by the Game Awards 2023 should give us some information.

Other surprises already scheduled for 2023

Hellblade 2 render

It was during a new podcast that journalist and insider Jeff Grubb discussed the other games that Xbox should release next year. According to his sources, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 is probably the first in the list, followed by the new project from Compulsion Games and “maybe” the next game from inXile, which is working on a first-person RPG under Unreal Engine 5. These three games are the ones most likely to arrive in 2023 according to him.

Then there are the other projects that Xbox has already announced, and sometimes for a while. Jeff cites Fable, Avowed, or Perfect Dark, but he wouldn’t really bet on it for a 2023 release, maybe with the exception of Fable if all goes really well.

Postponing releases to 2024, a viable solution?

With such a schedule of major releases, one could imagine that Microsoft would choose to spread the games out over the year, or even postpone some of them to 2024. But according to Jeff Grubb, this trick is no longer necessarily relevant when Xbox’s business model is essentially based on the Xbox Game Pass.

In a world where your customers are forced to choose between spending $60 on one game over another, spacing out releases probably makes sense in order to maximize the relationship you have with your customers. […].

But when you try to create a subscription service, it’s more of an add-on at a certain stage. Having Halo just after Forza is a double win that makes you want to take the subscription step even more.

Jeff Grubb explains that it’s much easier to keep gamers happy throughout the year with spaced out releases than it is to get someone to sign up for Game Pass if they’ve never been. why releasing several big games at the same time would not be a problem for Microsoft.

Even with three months left of releases and the biggest games of the year yet to arrive, 2023 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for gaming.

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