GeForce RTX 4000: Nvidia’s new graphics cards have a problem

GeForce RTX 4000: Nvidia’s new graphics cards have a problem
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News hardware GeForce RTX 4000: Nvidia’s new graphics cards have a problem

Unveiled by numerous leaks from the start of 2022, the range of Nvidia RTX 4000 graphics cards is long overdue. Unfortunately, you will have to be patient because the RTX 4000s may have a small delay.

Oh no ! The Nvidia RTX 4000s are late!

Even though the RTX 3090Ti was released at the end of March 2022, Nvidia seems to have no fear in offering its RTX 4000 range for this same year.

After leaks concerning its existence as early as February 2022, this new generation of graphics cards was due to arrive at the end of the year. But obviously, the rumors confirm an arrival for this summer, between July and September.

Unfortunately, you will have to wait a little longer if you want to treat yourself to the Rolls Royce of GPUs, because the first 3 cards announced will each be a month late.

  • RTX 4070: goes from August to September
  • RTX 4080: goes from September to October
  • RTX 4090: goes from October to November

However, you should know that these are simply rumors, but above all based on fairly credible sources such as and

Although that could change any minute with an official announcement from Nvidia, as component shortages are still ongoing and the brand will have to deal with it to market its new range.

With this release potentially at the end of the summer of 2002, Nvidia could very well be ahead of the release of the AMD Radeon RX 7000 graphics cards scheduled for next fall.

At first, Nvidia obviously considered it good to promote their first line of GPUs with the 4070 and 4080, before unpacking the heavy artillery in November with the RTX 4090.

On the entry-level side, we must not forget the GTX 1630 which was originally planned for last May, but which finds itself powered at an indefinite date.

The mind-boggling promises of the RTX 4000 series

Obviously, Nvidia is still betting on raw power, and promises us potentially double the power compared to the RTX 3090 Ti. Again, nothing is set in stone, since the brand has not even formalized these GPUs.

Doubled power requires, consumption is not left out and could require a power supply of nearly 1500W with the RTX 4090. A colossal consumption, which hopefully could be revised downwards by Nvidia when the graphics card is released.

We should learn more in the coming weeks, Nvidia intends above all to sell its latest card, the RTX 3090 Ti before venturing further in the race for technology.

In addition to this, the formalization and release of the RTX 4000 range could well pull the rug out from under AMD, which plans to market its Radeon RX 7000 GPUs next fall.

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