Goat Simulator 3: Is it the most WTF game of the year?


Goat Simulator 3: Is it the most WTF game of the year?
Written by madishthestylebar

Game News Goat Simulator 3: Is it the most WTF game of the year?

We tried Goat Simulator 3, probably the game that fits best into the “what the fuck” genre this year.

To say that the story of the Goat Simulator goat has its origin in a simple simulator developed by the Coffee Stain teams with a view to testing the bases of the Unreal Engine 3. A million views later, the Swedish studio gives us a first part sold, too, at a million units. A success notable enough to develop a third episode, without even bothering to dwell on the second. In the vein of what it already knows how to do, Goat Simulator 3 is a great testing ground for all sorts of stupidities.

On the hunt for success

Here we are launched for a new adventure in the skin of a nameless goat, led by a farmer visibly not embarrassed for a penny to make conversation with a beast with glassy eyes and literally hanging tongue. β€œDon’t get a refund for the game”, he will beg us before dropping us at the foot of a temple of satanic bovids whose reason for the existence remains a little obscure, except that we can recover some rewards there by engraving Illuminati ranks. Two or three movements just to test the waters and we realize that our not very talkative hero is visibly unable to turn his body to the left or the right without needing to manipulate the camera, which is a bit too low for our taste. We therefore understand that maneuverability will not be the strong point of the game, although our goat has other qualities: jumping, bleating and licking objects to catch them and drag them to bewildering distances. We also appreciate its range of varied accessories, from the chewing-gum launcher to the glider via Captain American’s shield, capable of a multitude of more or less amusing actions.

The AI ​​is not particularly the smartest: the NPCs constantly heckle and form a completely chaotic mass in an environment with incessant noise. The environment is nevertheless far from being tasteless: swimming pool, hiking trail, shopping centers… a multitude of buildings are climbable if not all of them are penetrable.. The map is quite large and consists of the following contents: events, secret events, altars of instinct, goat equipment, trinkets and ramps. So many globally secondary activities which roughly constitute a vast hunt for success, some sometimes asking, with surprise, a few seconds of thought: Running for president, putting delinquents behind bars, silencing an elderly person, knocking workers off their meal beam, etc. Mini-games are only available in cooperation (too bad); if some people make you laugh for a few seconds, it’s sometimes hard to understand how they work from the start. Others simply look like a big joke, like hide-and-seek in split screen, you leaving a perfect view of your opponent’s hideout. In short, a few hours will be enough to satiate you with the Goat Simulator experience, but we appreciate the joke as long as it lasts, however minimal it may be.

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