Graphics card: the competitor of the RTX 3060 is on sale!

Graphics card: the competitor of the RTX 3060 is on sale!
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News good plan Graphics card: the competitor of the RTX 3060 is on sale!

In the world of graphics cards, we can say that we finally arrive in a situation where things are working out. And we find the direct competitor of the graphics card from Nvidia on sale at Amazon. And with a price that will make everyone who is finally waiting to equip their PC smile.

Amazon has decided to cut prices on the RX 6600 from AMD! The latter appears as the competitor of the RTX 3060 from Nvidia and has very convincing arguments. With the reduction made by Amazon, you can get it for less than 380€!

Buy the RX 6600 at 373€ at Amazon

The RX 6600 from AMD is:

  • 8GB of GDDR6 video memory
  • A frequency capable of rising to 2491MHz
  • 28 calculation units.

In short, it’s an affordable solution for all those who want to start trying out PC video games without completely draining their bank account.

In the world of graphics cards, we are coming out of a difficult period. Indeed, with COVID-19 and the various confinements, the shelves of graphics cards quickly found themselves empty due to the shortage of components.

The only ones still available have seen their prices literally explode, and this, because of an ever-increasing demand.

However, lately, we feel that prices are coming down to more affordable altitudes. But the demand is still there. What makes it quite easy to find graphics cards at “classic” prices, but they never last long.

The Radeon RX 6600 made in XFX, an alternative to the Nvidia card

And there, we found you an AMD Radeon RX 6600 signed XFX. The latter is neck and neck in terms of power with the RTX 3060 from Nvidia.

We thus find a GDDR6 video memory with 8GB dedicated, and 28 processing units. So, it looks nice in a spreadsheet, but in real life, what does it mean?

With this graphics card, you will above all be able to play in Full HD, i.e. an image definition of 1080p. Although the latter is overshadowed by the format in vogue at the moment, 4K, it is a card that will do its job perfectly in the most used resolution of the moment.

Indeed, if you are in the logic of getting into PC video games but you do not want to break your bank account, aiming for a resolution like 1080p will allow you to save money. And this, both on the power demanded by your machine, and on the screen that will be adequate.

And as an entry-level graphics card, the XFX Speedster SWFT fulfills its role perfectly by saving you money.

In addition, with a fixed PC, you can completely upgrade your configuration when you have more means. And by then, you will have amortized the investment in this graphics card.

Buy the RX 6600 at 373€ at Amazon

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