Graphics card: the Nvidia RTX 4090 breaks a record on Overwatch 2


Graphics card: the Nvidia RTX 4090 breaks a record on Overwatch 2
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News hardware Graphics card: the Nvidia RTX 4090 breaks a record on Overwatch 2

Nvidia’s RTX 4090 hasn’t even come out yet that benchmarks are swarming on the web. With the release of Overwatch 2, Blizzard’s latest game, it was obvious that the tests were looking at the gaming giant’s new shooter.

The RTX 4090, the Nvidia graphics card of all miracles?

The RTX 4090 tests should soon show the end of their statistics! Nvidia’s new graphics card is set to literally be the most powerful GPU in the world, just that.

And for good reason, it is already the 3rd generation of graphics cards which includes calculation units dedicated to Ray-Tracing and it embeds even more advanced technologies. With this new range, the RTX 4090 says goodbye to the Ampere architecture to welcome the Lovelace architecture. Admittedly, the two types of manufacturing are much the same, see it as a big update to the RTX 3090.

The RTX 4090 offers no less than 24 GB of dedicated video memory, 16,384 CUDA cores to further optimize applications, and a boost frequency of up to 2.52 GHz. The big novelty of the RTX 4000 range is the new version of DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), humbly called DLSS 3.

During the reveal of the RTX 4090, Nvidia was quick to show us their new technology: DLSS 3. Their new chip is able to use what they call AI Frame Generation which generates AI-calculated frames between each frame to make the action even smoother.

Nvidia relies heavily on AI, which allows the green brand to play not only on the ground of raw power, but on the ability of their graphics cards to generate additional information to allow players to play in optimal conditions.

With this technology, Nvidia intends to surpass its longstanding competitor, AMD, while the manufacturer is already ahead in the calculation of Ray-Tracing.

Overwatch 2 powered at over 500 fps thanks to the RTX 4090!

As part of their partnership with video game giant Blizzard, the manufacturer Nvidia offered us a complete benchmark of Overwatch 2 with their RTX 4090.

Latency on Overwatch 2 with Nvidia Reflex

By reducing latency thanks to Nvidia Reflex, Overwatch 2 finds itself propelled up to 600 fps in 1440p (QHD) resolution. While the new multiplayer shooter from Blizzard has had rather mixed reviews, in particular due to the catastrophic launch. Indeed, Blizzard’s servers experienced a wave of DDoS, which resulted in players being disconnected from the servers during their game.

Obviously, Blizzard soon realized this and took over the reins of their game pretty quickly. Nvidia has therefore offered us a complete benchmark of the game as PC screens begin to reach 360 Hz, and pushes Overwatch 2 to its limits with a good 500 fps on average, in QHD, even with the graphics options pushed to the maximum. .

Nvidia throws the sauce with these internal tests to make it clear to gamers around the world that their latest creation is THE most powerful graphics card in the world. Indeed, the brand wants to exceed their RTX 3090 Ti which already offers more than honorable performance given that it is, for the moment, the most powerful graphics card of the moment.

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