Here is why the fast program of the washing machine is not recommended


Here is why the fast program of the washing machine is not recommended
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Washing machines are equipped with several programs and washing options that make it possible to clean the laundry according to our specific needs. Among these programs is the quick wash mode. As its name suggests, this mode consists of washing the linen in a very short time compared to a classic washing cycle. This certainly saves time, but the fast mode is not free of disadvantages. Find out the three reasons why experienced housewives do not use the quick wash program.

The washing machines have a short program which makes it possible to wash the laundry in a short time. Cycle time depends on the washing machine; it can be 30min, 45min or 60min. This program is certainly practical for doing laundry when you don’t have much time. However, it has drawbacks that lead some people to turn away from it.

What are the 3 reasons why experienced housewives do not use the quick wash programme?

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The quick wash program has 3 main drawbacks.

  • The quick wash program is energy intensive

Like the classic program, the quick wash program has a washing, rinsing and spinning cycle. The only difference is that the duration of the quick program does not exceed one hour. For this, this mode must heat up faster, and this is what makes it energy-intensive. To wash clothes while saving energy, you can choose economy mode. In this mode, the water is heated gradually so as not to cause overconsumption of energy. The temperature does not exceed 30 to 50°C. Also, the washing time is longer to compensate for the low wash temperature.

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  • The quick wash program does not remove all stains

This fast mode could be suitable for clothes that are not badly stained or dirty. And for good reason, the short duration of the cycle is not sufficient to eliminate all the dirt. Also, the temperature is generally 30 or 40°C, which means that this mode does not allow the laundry to be disinfected, including sheets, underwear or baby clothes that require a 60°C hot cycle. On the other hand, a temperature of 40°C is suitable for washing synthetic or cotton fabrics.

  • The quick wash program supports a small amount of laundry

It is not recommended to fill the drum when using this washing mode. This rapid cycle tolerates a laundry capacity lower than the maximum capacity of the machine, and for good reason, it uses less water and time. If you overload the drum, the clothes cannot be washed properly. On top of that, this quick wash program does not rinse clothes properly, because the rinsing cycle is shortened. Detergent residues may remain on clothes and cause allergies in people with sensitive skin. This is why it is not recommended to use this washing program for washing baby clothes. Also note that the quick wash mode is contraindicated for delicate laundry such as silk, wool or lace underwear. These latter require gentle washing, that the short program does not allow. Note also that the washing machine has a program for delicate fabrics. The drum rotates in this case at a low speed to do not damage clothing.

That said, the quick wash mode certainly saves time by washing clothes in less than an hour. But it is an energy-intensive mode which, in addition to only supporting a small quantity of clothes, does not allow thorough washing, and is therefore not suitable for very dirty or stained laundry.

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