How to choose the right water heater? Our advice – Home Media


How to choose the right water heater?  Our advice – Home Media
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Water heaters are fairly common equipment these days. However, if the devices are very widespread, this does not mean that all the solutions offered on the market are equal. Some brands and models are more popular than others. These materials are more sought after because they guarantee better comfort and allow households to better control their energy consumption.Advertisements

Do you want to equip your home with a dedicated system for DHW (domestic hot water) or replace your old system? Find in this article all our advice for choosing the right water heater.

The energy used

To be able to function, a water heater needs a source of energy. It is the latter which supplies the domestic water heating system of the cumulus and which generates the calorific power required so as to guarantee an adequate level of heat. The type of energy used is an important criterion in the choice of the device insofar as it directly influences the energy consumption, but also on the way in which the temperature is distributed in the dwelling.Advertisements

In general, gas and electricity are the energies most used for both storage water heaters and instantaneous water heaters. Electric water heaters are particularly widespread, because they have the advantage of being more economical to purchase (their price is low), but also because they are easier to install (they do not require any heating system). ‘evacuation). Gas models, on the other hand, are more expensive, but they are more economical to use. This is the reason why they are often used as auxiliary water heaters.

Of course, there are alternatives to these two solutions. Thermodynamic water heaters and solar water heaters are new generation DHW equipment. They are distinguished from conventional equipment by the fact that they are particularly economical since they are powered by free, renewable and almost unlimited energy sources: air, water or even the sun.

Capacity required

The required capacity corresponds to the capacity of the installation in line with the hot water needs of the home. To ensure that a device is neither undersized nor too large, the easiest way is to make your choice taking into account the composition of the household (number of inhabitants) and the number of water points. available.

In principle, the ideal capacity is around 40 liters per day per person. The capacity of the water heater models currently on the market is between 50 and 300 liters. Based on these elements, it can be estimated that a 50 liter water heater (mini water heater) should be sufficient for one person, but that equipment of at least 200 liters will be needed to satisfy the needs of a household made up of a couple with two children.


The location

For the installation to be truly successful, the choice of location for the water heater should be made taking into account the available surface (in the bathroom, basement or other) and the configuration of the dwelling. In addition, the ideal would also be that the structure of the device (horizontal or vertical) is well adapted to the arrangement of the elements.

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