How to keep mosquitoes away naturally? You won’t see them anymore


How to keep mosquitoes away naturally?  You won’t see them anymore
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Against summer insects there are all kinds of highly effective chemicals. The problem is that these products can actually be dangerous to health. However, there are practical tips to repel mosquitoes naturally and effectively

cider vinegar

It repels wasps, flies but also gnats and mosquitoes. Use to clean all your surfaces, also your pets. You should know that they too suffer from the summer heat and the presence of mosquitoes.

The lemon

Cut pieces of lemon

Cut pieces of lemon – Source: spm

It keeps ants away. These little creatures are so smart, so well organized! If they spotted your kitchen, that’s it! They will come back all the time. To keep them away, place pieces of lemon all over the kitchen. It is also a natural disinfectant that you can use to clean and perfume the kitchen.


It does not smell very good but it is very effective as an antifungal and anti-infective. It also repels mosquitoes. Put garlic cloves (cut into pieces) in a glass of water, to leave in the kitchen or in the living room, the mosquitoes will take flight! You can also use a spray bottle and spray around the house.

Everyday products source of allergy

The exponential rise of allergies, especially in children, is explained, among other things, by the quantity of aggressive chemical molecules found in everyday products. Cosmetics, hygiene products, household products, carpeting, paint, sometimes an interior fragrance, and often repellents, mosquito repellents, contain synthetic chemical molecules that the body does not know, and to which he didn’t have time to adapt. Consequence: the immune system is deregulated, it can no longer identify the really harmful substances, it overreacts, and it is the allergy. Allergy is a worldwide health problem, it is not very serious, of course, we can live with it. But it makes the bed of many diseases, quite simply because the immune system is weakened, tired, out of order.


An orange with cloves

An orange with cloves – Source: spm

It is a powerful immunostimulant and an effective painkiller. It also repels mosquitoes. Stick a few cloves in an orange or lemon and place in the middle of the living room. It’s very decorative as well. Clove essential oil is even more effective when diffused around the house.

mosquito repellent plants

potted lavender

Potted lavender – Source: spm

Many plants naturally repel mosquitoes, for example citronella, lavender, mint, scented geranium, basil, etc. Mosquitoes hate their smells.

Plant some in the garden, or put pots at the edge of the windows. You can also use the essential oils of these plants, it is even more effective. But beware, essential oils are powerful substances and can cause allergic reactions, they must be used with caution. A few drops in the water you use to clean the floor is enough, or a few drops on carpets. The same essential oils (basil, lavender, mint, etc.) are to be used in the event of a bite, a drop on the bitten area, and above all, do not scratch! Another tip for sleeping peacefully: Place a cloth soaked in essential oil in the bedroom, or simply use a diffuser.

Watch out for the food lying around!

In summer, it is essential not to leave food lying around in the kitchen.

After meals, clean up immediately, do the dishes and take out the trash so as not to attract mosquitoes. The latter are very attracted to body odors too. So you have to take a shower regularly, more than once a day if necessary, and use perfumes or hydrosols of lavender or lemongrass. Goodbye mosquitoes!

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