How to read messages on WhatsApp without being seen? Just press this button

How to read messages on WhatsApp without being seen?  Just press this button
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When we send an instant message on WhatsApp, we almost all have the same expectation: we are there on the alert, watching for the famous blue lines. When we see a single gray line, we are certainly annoyed, but let’s admit that we are almost reassured to note that our recipient has not yet received or seen the message. Because in truth, the worst case scenario is when both checkmarks are clearly blue and no response has been received. Therefore, we can invent the most tormented scenarios. What could be more frustrating than waiting for hours for this person to finally deign to answer us? This is what we are reduced to today. But the opposite effect also has all its legitimacy: some people do not necessarily want or have the time to respond immediately. Why continually pressure them or force them to justify a possible delay? Sometimes, we just feel the need to read the message, out of curiosity, without necessarily following up on it. At least not systematically on the spot. We sympathize so well that we will even give you some tips to meet your expectations.

It is true that the WhatsApp application has literally transformed our daily lives. Being able to instantly communicate with loved ones or friends, without any distance constraints, is invaluable. Exchanges are fluid and content sharing increased tenfold. Except that sometimes, an avalanche of notifications has the gift of upsetting us. We cannot be continuously available during the day: everyone at their own pace and it is important to respect everyone’s pace. However, we often have the impression that we have to be accountable to everyone. As soon as you receive a message, you feel almost forced to answer it on the spot, at the risk of having to justify yourself for hours. Such is the trap of these social networks which have the art of betraying us: under the pretext that we are “visibly” online, we are therefore supposed to be available and to give time to everyone. Do not panic, there are certain subtleties that save you all these annoyances. Here’s how to read WhatsApp messages without being seen, without showing blue ticks, and without even opening the app!

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WhatsApp message read confirmation – Source: spm

Read WhatsApp messages without being seen

The first and easiest method is to use app settings.

Enter WhatsApp, go to Settings, then open the Account section and then Privacy. On this tab, at the bottom of the page, you will find the option “Read confirmations”. If you disable this option, the read receipt with the two blue checkmarks will no longer appear on conversations, even after reading the message. This way, none of your contacts will receive the two blue ticks when you read a message. The doubt therefore remains!

However, this method has a drawback: by disabling this option, it will be the case for you too. In other words, you won’t be able to know when your contacts will read your messages either. So it’s a double-edged sword!

However, if you prefer to continue reading them without entering WhatsApp, then you must use one of the alternative tricks that we reveal to you below.

airplane mode

Activate phone airplane mode – Source: spm

Other Tricks to Read WhatsApp Messages Without Opening the App

How to read WhatsApp messages with airplane mode on?

All Smartphones have a specific mode where all connections are disabled. Depending on the models, it may be called “offline mode”, “airplane mode” or “flight mode”. By activating it, you will be able to read the WhatsApp messages of which you have already received the notification, but due to the lack of an Internet connection, WhatsApp will not be able to confirm the reading to the server. As a result, the person who sent you the message will not see the blue checkmarks.

But beware: this system works very well temporarily. When you deactivate offline mode and return to normal, the application will resume communication with the server, notifying it in the wake of messages you have read in the meantime.

How to read messages secretly in notifications?

If your version of Android is able to support the widget that displays the message preview, you should know that such reading does not activate the tick. This is because reading the widget is treated as a preview, although in some versions we can scroll through the entire text.

All these methods have advantages and disadvantages, but they allow us to read WhatsApp messages without sending the blue strokes, either temporarily or permanently. To avoid a few unpleasant surprises, and to ensure that these tips work properly, it is better to do the test with a friend to be sure of the result.

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