Ikea recalls one of its flagship products which risks exploding in your home, be very careful


Ikea recalls one of its flagship products which risks exploding in your home, be very careful
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The big Swedish discounter is well known for its more than tempting offers. Recently, a product that was consumed by its loyal customers in Ikea stores showed a significant risk of explosion. Thus, the company is recalling the product and issuing an alert to everyone who has purchased the device. Discover the details immediately in this article.

Return your coffee maker to Ikea

If you recently purchased a coffee maker from Ikea, then this article may be of interest to you. Indeed, it turned out that a product of the brand is defective. It’s about a coffee maker that the great Swedish discounter recently placed on its shelves. Following complaints made by users, the brand wasted no time in taking the necessary measures. Thus, she decides to recall all the products of the same range, in order to avoid the risks.

However, this is not the set of coffee makers that the store has on its shelves. This call concerns only one dangerous model. Indeed, it is the Metallisk Stovetop Espresso Maker. This household appliance that Ikea offered has a stainless steel valve. And it is this part that risks splintering at any moment. A kind of time bomb. So, check the model you have at home, before going to queue to return it to the store.

Which batch is affected by the recall

This is not all lots of the Metallisk coffee maker. Indeed, not all of the brand’s products are defective. Ikea therefore asks customers to check that their item has a number between 2040 and 2204. In a press release addressed to its customers, the Swedish brand explains that “the risk has increased following a change of material” in the manufacture of the device. But that’s not all, it has also been demonstrated that a change in the structure of the safety valve is also a determining cause.

In the same press release, this large Swedish distribution company also provides more details in the items to be returned to the store. Thus, » only products with stainless steel valve (silver gray in color) are concerned ” . The other models are not dangerous and can therefore be used with confidence. If you want more information about the case, you can always contact the free Ikea number 08 00 60 86 06 for the return of products.

What are Ikea’s requirements for the return?

Since this product is defective, Ikea undertakes to refund the price of the item. This way, you can afford a new coffee maker right away. Besides, you don’t have to bring it back to the store where you bought it. The store closest to you will do.

Finally, no receipt or invoice is required. Just return the item and Ikea will reimburse you for its full value. Nevertheless, to avoid a big waste of time, make sure that your coffee machine is one of the articles concerned by this call!

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