Info alert: Lidl victim of a nightmarish scam, be very careful if you receive this message


Info alert: Lidl victim of a nightmarish scam, be very careful if you receive this message
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Obviously, there are more and more scams these days. After the fake parcel delivery scams, recently there has also been a fake email circulating and reaching Lidl consumers. The email in question would come from the sign. You want to know more ? Find out all the details in this article.

It’s too good to be true !

Did you receive an email on your mobile or mobile phone? In this one, it was said that your shopping up to 500 euros will be paid for free? Beware, this is a scam.

As reported by Sud Info, some consumers would have received the same email. Belgians or even French people would be victims of this scam, promising them the Grail in this period of inflation: a free shopping basket reimbursed up to 500 euros! Indeed, it is very surprising especially because the email comes from Lidl. However, the latter very rarely does competitions of this kind.

What did the message explicitly say? Here is the body of the email:

“We offer your groceries worth €500. »

Long before you get carried away, a little verification will be necessary to show you that it is indeed a scam, the issuer is This indication is no longer in doubt and neither is the sequel. Also in the email, you are told:

“Congratulations, you are selected! Join us now to take advantage of your chance! And hope you have free shopping soon. »

Even if you didn’t play, you will be selected.

Lidl would be the target of scammers

As soon as you register on a dedicated page, the trap closes. Yes, of course, in the next step, the scammers will ask you for personal and banking information, and your account can quickly empty.

The scam had already been circulating for a few weeks and a few people admitted to being victims of it. You should know that this is not the first time that Lidl has been the target of scammers and malicious campaigns.

Source: Pexel

In November 2021, fake emails ensured the “winner” a gain after registering on a file. In April 2021, fake gift cards worth 50 euros Lidl were also circulating. Another email assured loyal Lidl customers that they had won the brand’s flagship product, the Monsieur Cuisine Connect. All to say that this situation is very frequent whether it is sending e-mails or fraudulent calls. The best thing is to remain vigilant and make a denunciation on the site in the event of a scam.

Lidl’s Monsieur Cuisine scam

While Monsieur Cuisine Smart’s latest model returned to Lidl on December 6, 2021, some scammers took advantage of the moment to lure the brand’s customers.

The email received by several people seemed to come from Lidl. This informs each of the recipients that they would receive a free food processor. At least, that’s what they want you to believe. In reality, it is a scam.

Source: DR

A hidden subscription?

In this email, you are informed that you have been selected to participate, free of charge, in a “loyalty program” with the key, a Monsieur Cuisine food processor, a gift card, but also a Samsung Oled television.

You are then invited to click on a link and there, you are told that it is your lucky day. But to win this prize, you will have to answer a small survey then give your personal details and finally pay the sum of 2.95 euros to pay the shipping costs.

Many are so caught up in the surprise that they don’t bother to read the fine print below. Looking at them closely, you will see a hidden paid subscription.

“By joining this service, you will receive a 5-day trial of our partner’s program. If you continue with a subscription beyond the 5-day trial period, you will be charged an amount to your credit card which varies depending on the choice of tariff”, can we read at the bottom of the page.

This scam is the same one that Dyson fell victim to. Indeed, an e-mail offered many people the latest vacuum cleaner for the sum of 2 euros while there was a hidden subscription in the e-mail. Be careful and above all check what is written in your emails.

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