iPhone 14: Apple does not mention this novelty, it is however the best


iPhone 14: Apple does not mention this novelty, it is however the best
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The iPhone 14 packs more new stuff than you might think. Beneath its iPhone 13 appearance, it nevertheless hides the most important redesign of the Apple smartphone for years. A video made by iFixit testifies to this evolution which makes the iPhone 14 much easier to repair.

Welcomed without much enthusiasm, the iPhone 14 nevertheless hides its game well. Very close to its predecessor seen from the outside, it nevertheless marks a turning point by benefiting from the “redesign” of an important interior. The specialized site iFixit has, as usual, disassembled Apple’s latest iPhone and quickly found a big surprise. Apple has totally redesigned the inside of the iPhone 14 to make it easier to repair. A major change.

In a video, we can see that this model can be opened through the screen like most of its predecessors. The novelty is that it is also possible to lift the rear, which should make it easier to replace the glass back. Since the iPhone X, this step proved to be particularly difficult since it was necessary to remove all the components – or almost – of the smartphone to repair the back. This approach, offered on models like the iPhone 12 or 13, aims to facilitate changing the screen and the battery. These two components are essential, but an optimized design for the front part is a real headache for the rear part.

The iPhone 14 opens from the front and from the back, and it’s a (re)volution

With the iPhone 14, Apple is completely revising its copy in terms of the repairability of its smartphones. And the Cupertino company simplifies the method as much as possible. In fact, the back is “simply fixed with two screws and a single connector”. An adhesive is also present, but it is “a little less aggressive” and can be removed more easily. It is interesting to note that the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max are not affected by this internal “redesign”.

Impressed by the changes made by the apple brand, iFixit gives a repairability rating of 7 out of 10 to the iPhone 14. This is the highest rating given to an Apple smartphone since the iPhone 7 launched in 2016.

Everything is not perfect

However, the copy is not yet perfect. The site regrets, for example, that the apple brand uses more “software locks”. This strict policy, which is also part of the brand’s reputation, includes a software verification process. Apple performs this step remotely, which concerns different components. “You shouldn’t need Apple’s permission to put glass on a phone you already own. The use of software to prevent the use of second-hand parts receives a negative opinion from us. These lockdowns are frustrating and ultimately futile”explains the specialized site.

Another interesting point, the enthusiasm of iFixit is not on the repairability index of the iPhone 14. With a score of 6.9 out of 10 (PDF), it does better than its predecessor; but the barometer shows that parts are very expensive. This criterion « Parts price ratio […] on price of new equipment » complicates the task of Apple smartphones. The two notes therefore present a different calculation method, the iFixit site being based solely on the disassembly aspect.

Anyway, the iPhone 14 confirms to be on the right track by being the most repairable Apple smartphone in years. A hell of a surprise that Tim Cook and his teams didn’t even mention during the September keynote.

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