Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui have a crush on this totally mind-blowing Christmas present from the Lidl brand!


Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui have a crush on this totally mind-blowing Christmas present from the Lidl brand!
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On social networks, Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui displayed themselves with their sublime Christmas sweater from Lidl!

If Iris Mittenaere has become a person who has managed to make herself known throughout the world thanks to the Miss France and Miss Universe elections, it does not mean that she does not like simple things. She has it anyway proven with his Lidl sweater.

“It was a huge failure”

A few years ago, Iris Mittenaere saw his life change. And for good reason, she managed to be elected Miss France. On the other hand, his participation in the competition was not seen by a good eye by his former employer.

A few weeks ago, Iris Mittenaere told her fans that she had to face criticism from her old box. And for good reason, the latter did not support her at all in this new project.

On social networks, the beauty revealed: “I got a call saying, ‘How can you do that! Now you are Miss Flanders, but you will never be Miss France. Don’t believe it, you won’t win.

Before adding: “Your wildest dreams will never happen.” I was told that I would lose my job mainly for the ego of having a crown and doing 2/3 events in the year which will not bring me any money “.

Iris Mittenaere told her fans: “I took it seriously. I was told I was making the biggest mistake of my life for a stupid scarf. It was very, very hard”.

Iris Mittenaere continued: “It was a huge failure and I really questioned myself. I thought maybe I had made a mistake. I had it really badly. And I was very afraid of not being able to pay my rent and of being in trouble for an adventure that made me dream”.

“I spend my life eating without ever restricting myself”

The darling of Diego El Glaoui also confessed that her coronation was a nice revenge against her former comrades. These last did not tenderness towards her.

One thing is certain, the beautiful has also done well to pursue his dream. And for good reason, Iris Mitteanere managed to win the Miss France competition, but not only. She also won the Miss Universe pageants.

“After my nickname of skewer at school, we continue again and again. You don’t choose your metabolism (…) I spend my life eat without ever restricting myself.

Iris Mittenaere revealed: “I panic when I lose weight because of this kind of comment, and my childhood injuries. One thing is certain, the beauty has gone through a lot of quite difficult events in her life.

If Iris Mittenaere also managed to win this competition, it does not mean that she has forgotten the simple things in life. She has also proven it on the social media this weekend.

Iris Mittenaere fan of her Lidl sweater

Very active on social networks, Iris Mittenaere shared a new photo on her Instagram account. This Friday, December 23, she showed her fans that she had received her gift for the holidays in advance.

Indeed, Iris Mittenaere showed her fans that she had received a wool sweater from the Lidl collection. It is also the footballer Djibril Cissé who signed this sweater much appreciated by the fans.

For his part, Diego El Glaoui also displayed himself with this famous sweater. In the caption of her photo, the main interested party revealed: “Best gift. We have received the gift I wanted.

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