It’s the end of The Voice: Florent Pagny makes a terrible and radical decision…


It’s the end of The Voice: Florent Pagny makes a terrible and radical decision…
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This is very sad news for the fans. Would the grand finale of “The Voice 2022” mark the last appearance of the one who is currently battling lung cancer on the show? In any case, the interpreter of “I’m going” has decided to withdraw from media life for many months. Is a future comeback planned? We tell you everything in this article!

His tumor has shrunk, but…

Recently, May 10, 2022 to be exact, Florent Pagny showed up in an Instagram video. If his appearance had aroused fear among his subscribers, the artist had in fact come to announce reassuring news about his treatment. The state of health of the one who got used to his “new look” seems to be improving since his tumor would have even shrunk.

This is at least what he confided to Nilkos Aliagas during a river interview granted to Gala in mid-May:

“I come out of the tunnel (…) I reacted so well [au traitement, NDLR] that we sped up with radiation and tougher chemo. The latest news I have from inside, if I can put it that way, is that the tumor has shrunk a lot, the size of a good kiwi, I went to a hazelnut after two chemos”

Despite the fact that his body reacts rather well to chemotherapy, Aël and Inca’s dad is still weakened by the disease. Moreover, he admits to feeling the need to take a break.

“My closest friends have written me a song, but first I need to bulk up a bit before recording it, because I’ve lost muscle. It would be difficult to sing too long. Right now, I’m going to share a piece with the kids in The Voice. I’ll see how I breathe, because I haven’t sung for a while. But, as long as my voice is there, I am there! I won’t give up! And I’ll finish my tour after I’ve recovered! “, he continued.

Florent Pagny: “After “The Voice”, it’s over…”

As a man of his word, Florent Pagny kept his promise. Indeed, he ensured until the end his role as coach in the tele-hook of TF1. The proof, the sixty-year-old has not missed any recordings despite the chemo sessions. Moreover, even during the semi-final and the final which were however live, the singer did not parade.

As usual, he was sitting in his mythical red armchair. Many don’t know this, but it was his last TV appearance for a long time. Like what, the husband of Azucena Caamaño wants to retire from media life. For good reason, he wants to rest and enjoy life with his loved ones.

“After The Voice, I continue with my last chemotherapy, and after that, it’s over! I’m going to fix myself, enjoy life, my loved ones close to nature and it’s a chance. I will check regularly during these six months of break. Then I will come back, ”he announced to the host of the singing competition in the same interview published in Gala.

An evening full of emotions

The least we can say is that the evening of Saturday, May 21 was memorable for fans of the show. This is partly due to the presence of celebrities like Bigflo and Oli, Christophe Willem, Angèle, Mika or even Slimane. As tradition dictates, these recognized artists each shared a song with the five finalists.

They are: Vike (Amel Bent), Nour (Florent Pagny), Mister Mat (Vianney), Caroline Costa (Marc Lavoine) and Loris (Nolwenn Leroy). It was Nour who launched the kick-off by singing a duet with Slimane the title “Before you”. A fine performance compared to the last time she had her voice broken.

This duo is symbolic, since both are talents trained by Florent Pagny. For his part, Esmeralda’s dad still seems to be grateful to the one who took him under his wings. At least that’s what internet users understood when he pointed to the 60-year-old singer while singing “before you, I had nothing”.

The outcome of the competition is also symbolic, because if Slimane won “The Voice 2016”, Nour won “The Voice 2022”. A great victory that will certainly give Florent Pagny a smile.

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