Jauffrey (Married at first sight 6) as a couple since his divorce from Cyndie? We have the answer


Jauffrey (Married at first sight 6) as a couple since his divorce from Cyndie?  We have the answer
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While the report of Married at first sight 6 has been released, we still wonder if the couples still in the running are still together at the present time. A question to which we will have the answer within two weeks. Viewers will indeed find the participants nine months after their wedding in Gibraltar. This is where we will find out what really happened to the relationships built by the show’s psychologists. So far, Bruno and Alicia, as well as Damien and Pauline have been the most promising. Caroline and Axel divorced. This was also the case for Frédérick and Emilie as well as Cyndie and Jauffrey.

Apprehensions from the start

Jauffrey and Cyndie had however immediately hooked on their first meeting in front of the prefect of Gibraltar. We thus wonder what could have happened for the situation becomes so critical between them. After analyzing what had happened in the program, we were able to conclude that the young woman had certain apprehensions in relation to her man. The latter who had an almost fusional relationship with his friends. Suddenly, she wondered if she would one day have her place in this friendly chemistry that the candidate has with Florent Manaudou and Frédérick Bousquet.

To make matters worse, Jauffrey had a hard time showing his beautiful how much he was ready to invest in their relationship. The latter who knew the stakes by inviting Cyndie to his apartment. Already the pretty brunette wanted to limit physical contact, she expected to enter the house where someone mature lived. Which was not the case to his surprise. The apartment of Florent Manaudou’s great friend was still under construction and a huge mess reigned on the spot. The icing on the cake was definitely that the toilets weren’t working for the duration of her stay.

A rather tense situation

Interviewed about her impression following these few days spent with Jauffrey, Cyndie had declared that she had never seen anything like it. In particular, she had been forced to pee in the shower before falling asleep. For her needs, she had gone to the restaurant across the street.

What motivate the tensions that had begun to arise between the two candidates of Married at first sight. A lot of mutual incomprehension which had ended up being right for the beautiful relationship they had started at the very beginning of the show.

A heart to take

It was more recently the turn of Jauffrey to be interviewed by our colleagues from Figaro. It was for the young man the opportunity to indulge in some revelations about his love life. The lifeguard as well to admit that he is currently still a heart to take. This, despite the fact that he still had adventures between the end of filming and today. At least that has the merit of being clear. It remains to be seen if it is the same for Cyndie who had recently been targeted by rumors of a relationship with Frédérick. Noises to which Emilie’s ex had wanted to put a definitive end by putting things straight once and for all.

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