Jean-Luc Reichmann in tears, the farewells too moving!


Jean-Luc Reichmann in tears, the farewells too moving!
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Jean-Luc Reichmann is deeply human and sensitive. Thus, when he learns of the loss of a dear friend, he completely collapses.

Alas, his morale at Jean-Luc Reichmann is not looking good with the announcement of the death of the much appreciated Jean-Pierre Pernaut. We share with you his words and his beautiful tribute to the journalist.

Jean-Luc Reichmann: at the top of his game on his lunchtime show

In the program 12 coups de Midi, Jean-Luc Reichmann supports Laurent, the philosophy professor.

The latter made all the parents of students in his school talk because during his absence and his lunchtime show, no replacement was found to take his place and teach the students. In any case, he has the unwavering support of Jean-Luc Reichmann.

The latter always has the right word and does not hesitate to organize surprises to please his guests. For example, we can tell you about the moving moment when Laurent saw his daughter on the screen. He couldn’t hold back his tears and totally broke down.

Jean-Luc Reichmann therefore leads his show with a masterful hand and is always popular with the public. He also relies heavily on the teams behind the scenes. Indeed, all those people behind the scenes who take care of him. Moreover, Thursday, March 3, Jean-Luc Reichmann paid tribute to one of them whom he affectionately calls “Super Mario”.

He does not save a princess, but the haircut of the successful TF1 host. But like everyone, the presenter has his difficult moments. The death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut is one for him. Discover his very touching words about him.

Completely devastated by the loss of his friend and colleague

As you know, Jean-Pierre Pernaut died on Wednesday March 2 from lung cancer. He leaves a France completely in shock. Some find it difficult to understand that the presenter of the 1 p.m. TF1 newspaper for more than thirty years is no longer with us.

At the age of 71, he had already overcome two cancers, but the third was fatal to him. The journalist was addicted to cigarettes, he smoked a lot all his life and the disease took over. He himself admitted that he regretted his addiction and he had tried to raise awareness among smokers. But we know it’s hard to quit.

After chemotherapy, radiotherapy, mini-strokes and open-heart surgery, his health suddenly deteriorated. Luckily, the friend of Jean-Luc Reichmann had spent a superb holiday in the Maldives during the Christmas holidays. He was therefore able to take advantage of his wife until the last moment.

A moving tribute live on TV

Jean-Luc Reichmann paid tribute to his friend on Yves Calvi’s show on BFMTV. The lunchtime presenter was totally devastated by the news.

The two men had been very close for more than 20 years. For Jean-Luc Reichmann, JPP was the driving force. He added: It’s a stab at me.

He was a fellow traveler. Jean-Pierre was truthful, sincere, close and he was extraordinarily loyal. Jean-Luc Reichmann said that JPP was above all a smile, a smile in the eyes, that positive hello no matter what.

Jean-Luc Reichmann

Nathalie Lecoultre’s husband confides without filter: I can’t get over telling you everything. I lost a friend, I lost my brother, I lost my father, humanly and professionally he was an example for all of us.

When Yves Calvi asks the presenter to tell a memory of JPP of those who make it possible to remember the living man, Jean-Luc Reichmann avoids answering. He does not want to find a memory, because for the facilitator, he is always present:

For me anyway, he will never be gone. He is always with me. The entire editorial staff of People Act Magazine sends its sincere condolences to the Pernaut family.

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