Johnny Depp’s trial against Amber Heard: what risk the two stars?

Johnny Depp’s trial against Amber Heard: what risk the two stars?
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The most publicized trial in recent months comes to an end this Friday. What outcome looms for the two Hollywood stars?

After seven weeks of testimony and debate, the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is coming to an end. After a final hearing this Friday at the Fairfax court, near Washington, the seven jurors will retire to deliberate and determine who, of the two former spouses who have been torn apart for years, will win their case.

During this ultra-publicized trial, broadcast live in the United States and scrutinized around the world, the most scabrous details of the life of a couple of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were revealed in broad daylight. Each of the two stars, in particular, claims to have been the victim of domestic violence.

What are they accusing themselves of?

Let’s get back to the subject of this lawsuit: Johnny Depp is suing the actressAquaman in defamation after the publication of a column in 2018 in the washington post, in which Amber Heard claimed to have been the victim of domestic violence, without however citing her ex-husband. He believes that the words of his former wife in this forum would have ruined his reputation and his career in Hollywood. During the trial, the actor himself accused Amber Heard of violence.

For her part, Amber Heard counterattacked in January 2021, as reported Vanity Fair. She is also suing her ex-husband for defamation over statements by his lawyer, who claimed in the media that his accusations of domestic violence were false, according to details from the HollywoodReporter. She also believes that this “futile” complaint prolongs “the abuse and harassment” of her ex-husband and has put her own career on hold.

What are they asking for?

The two actors are claiming staggering sums of damages. Johnny Depp, who denies any accusation of domestic violence, claims 50 million dollars. In her counterattack, Amber Heard asks for the double. She continues to claim to have suffered “physical violence and assault” before and during their marriage. She also says she was ostracized from Hollywood and lost roles or advertising campaigns.

These two procedures have been combined into one, as reported by the washington post. Thus, the verdict that will be pronounced at the end of the trial will concern the two charges and the two claims for damages.

When will the verdict be pronounced?

The outcome of the trial is uncertain, as is the date when the jury will decide. But it should be imminent: according to AFP, the seven jurors could decide this Friday at the end of their deliberation. It is possible, however, that they will not be able to agree on a verdict today. If so, deliberations would continue on Tuesday, Monday being a holiday in the United States.

On the side of public opinion, it is undoubtedly Johnny Depp who wins: since the start of the trial, the messages of support for the actor ofEdward Scissorhands are multiplying on social networks while Amber Heard is the target of violent attacks. This did not prevent Johnny Depp from losing a previous procedure last November: the actor attacked the British tabloid The Sunwho had described him as a violent husband.

Relying mainly on the statements of the actress, the newspaper had defended itself by invoking 14 episodes of violence, all disputed by Johnny Depp. After having “examined in detail” these 14 episodes, the judge had estimated in his judgment that the qualifications of the Sun were “substantially true”.

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