Kate Middleton and Prince William, a video caused a scandal, internet users furious as ever


Kate Middleton and Prince William, a video caused a scandal, internet users furious as ever
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On July 13, a video circulating on social networks was the source of dissatisfaction among several ecological experts and Internet users. This is basically the post of the Royal Fashion Police account. What’s so bad about this movie sequence? In general, we notice on this video Kate Middleton and her family mounted in a helicopter. The shocking details of this story are delivered in this article!

Kate Middleton’s little clan has gone on summer vacation!

According to information reported by the British media, the Duchess of Cambridge and her entire family are absent from Kensington Palace for the moment. As it is the summer period, everyone is going on summer vacation! These members of the royal family did the same on Wednesday, July 13. It should be noted that several people spotted them through a video posted on social media riding in their private jet !

Moreover, this reaction is quite normal because the children of Kate Middleton have already finished their school years some day earlier. Thus, Prince George, Charlotte, and little Louis were also part of the trip with their parents. Besides, it was easy for the public to recognize them for several reasons. The plane departed from their home in Kensington. In addition, Prince William’s wife is always trendy with her special summer clothing styles!

Why is this video a source of controversy among the public?

In general, it’s pretty absurd that everyone is on their high horse because the royal family is on leave. By the way, it’s not too much because of their trip that the public gets angry! We note that it is in relation to the fact that they traveled by helicopter that interferes with everyone’s interest. According to them, the family of Kate Middleton was wrong to make this decision. Especially in these times when the ecological situation of the world is in full crisis!

According to the results of research on environmental pollution, the emission of carbon dioxide by the means of air transport are the most culprits in the degradation of nature. Thus, by opting for this initiative, the family of Kate Middleton is acting irresponsibly. Hence the reason why Internet users are offended by this situation! They understand very well that the royal clan of England is very important. However, their prestigious status does not exempt them civic responsibilities!

Kate Middleton: Her family can harm the environment for a simple whim!

Environmentalists are furious upon discovering the video. At the same time, they were also disappointed by the family of Kate Middleton. In general, as a model of monarchical society in England, they should be in the front row to lead by example to others !

Kate Middleton: However, their plane trip for a fairly short trip completely distorts their image as a model for society. We discovered that they don’t go far for this summer period. They just went to the countryside at their home in Norfolk County!

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