Kelly Vedovelli (TPMP): Super low-cut bikini, hat, the columnist raises the temperature!


Kelly Vedovelli (TPMP): Super low-cut bikini, hat, the columnist raises the temperature!
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Kelly Vedovelli shared a shot that turned more than one head. We discover her in a swimsuit in an outfit that suits her perfectly. The columnist, who will be found at the start of the school year on C8, intends to fill up on evenings and sunshine this summer. And rest too, a little.

Kelly Vedovelli on vacation, she is far from Cyril Hanouna

The young woman left Paris for her vacation. She cut ties with her work for several weeks. And when we see certain sequences from the previous season of Touche not at my post, we can understand that she needs to rest, to take a vacation. Indeed, Kelly Vedovelli was in total freewheel, which is not to displease the viewers. They love it when she’s not on restraint. They like it when she says everything on her mind. And sometimes she even insults her boss live.

It happened only a few short weeks ago. Cyril Hanouna makes fun of Danielle Moreau’s new haircut, when he is at the origin of it. Too much is too much for Kelly who intervenes, without mincing words.

Cyril you are a bastard. You make him change his haircut and you don’t maintain it! “. Shocked, the host asks his columnist if she is speaking to him before adding that Danielle Moreau is not a dog and that she does not need to be maintained. Kelly Vedovelli continues by indicating that Danielle Moreau must make a purple shampoo to keep all the brilliance of her color. Information that escaped the columnist, who was unaware of this subtlety.

Kelly is sublime on vacation

But for more than two months, viewers do not see the young woman on C8. Perhaps she will make a few appearances in the summer version of Touche pas à mon poste, presented by Benjamin Castaldi. But while waiting for this possible appearance, she takes advantage of her vacation.

It was in Portugal that she had fun with her friends to start her vacation. On the occasion of a festival, she put on her beauty, while keeping a simple and relaxed style. After all, it’s a music festival, you have to be comfortable. It is therefore in a swimsuit that she decides to appear.

Let’s not beat around the bush. She is simply gorgeous. It is easy to understand why Gims decided, at the time, to make her the Bella of his famous song for his clip. Everything seems to go to Kelly. Over the years, she even seems to get rid of the criticisms that sometimes affected her enormously.

Kelly Vedovelli doesn’t care about her weight criticism

Internet users can be very bad. And sexist. Kelly Vedovelli paid the price. When she arrived in Key not at my post, many are those to say that she owes her place only to her plastic. Finally, she joined the adventure as a columnist. Once again, she is criticized for some of her remarks. But if the debate revolved only around the substance, we could talk about it.

The problem is that Kelly is attacked on her physique. Some Internet users even go very far. Annoyed, she sometimes reacted. On the Touche set, not at my post first, when Cyril Hanouna asks columnists if they receive criticism. ” Me it’s every day. I’m not complaining because I’m the one showing off, that’s not going to stop me“, then indicates the young woman.

But sometimes the reviews hurt too much. Internet users deserve to be reframed. So she speaks out and sends a very clear message. ” Well yes, I have that body, and fuck you!“, she writes to a user who makes him an unwelcome reflection. Today, the columnist seems good about herself and has always assumed her physique anyway. She says it herself. From the moment she publishes on Instagram, which she assumes. Out of the question for her to let the haters win.

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