Laeticia: The bailiffs took everything from him!


Laeticia: The bailiffs took everything from him!
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Nothing is settled. Five years after Johnny’s death, Læticia still has to pay off the debts that the Taulier left behind. The tax slate, colossal, is around 30 million euros.

A substantial sum which would have forced the mother of Jade and Joy to part with real estate and objects whose value is not only sentimental. It is for this reason that she would have sold one of the villas of Pacific Palissades, in the United States, for 14 million euros, and that she put La Savannah, their property in Marnes-la-Coquette, up for sale. where the rocker died on the night of December 5 to 6, 2017. Læticia hoped to obtain the trifle of 15 million euros. Except that no serious buyer has come forward. Then, she would have revised her claims downwards, so urgent is it to detach herself from this domain, the upkeep of which would cost her a small fortune.

At the latest news, she would be ready to sign at the notary for around 8.5 million euros. But it still does not jostle at the gate. The equation is not simple for Læticia who has to reduce her lifestyle, without sacrificing the education of her daughters, whose school fees are skyrocketing.

We can well imagine the moments of anguish that must assail him when the bills pile up and the tax authorities remember him fondly. “If she does not return the money, they will end up seizing the goods and putting them up for auction,” tax lawyer Pierre Hourcade recently warned in the magazine Audience. The man does not believe so well to say…

This misadventure, Læticia has unfortunately been confronted with in the past. “The bailiffs arrived and took everything in the house. We had nothing. We ended up with a bed and a few chairs, ”she says in the documentary Johnny by Læticiabroadcast on December 8 in prime time on M6.

Who could have imagined then that the rock’n’roll icon, that this beast of the stage who filled concert halls and stadiums, that this star who sold millions of records would be seized in this way? “It’s the story of his life. To have lived at two hundred miles an hour with great carelessness, concedes Læticia in front of the camera. For having wanted to achieve his dreams, Johnny lived beyond his means with advances from concerts and records. »

What confirms Jean-Claude Camus, the historical producer of the rocker in the documentary: “Johnny always lived on credit. On tour, that was something! It was insane. Every night, you had to give him 200 euros. It’s one of his curiosities. Not to mention the overpriced gifts – often Harley-Davidsons – that he loved to give those around him. Even today, Læticia never stops paying for the broken pots of this carefree existence… “When I met Johnny in 1995, he had terrible tax arrears. He owed a lot of money to the taxman. We started from nothing, really, ”continues the quadra.

Several sources agree that she has put her husband’s bank accounts in order. But the debts continued to run. “If the ushers were to disembark again, she would not forgive herself,” says a relative. She will do everything to protect her daughters, Jade and Joy, from her financial worries, so that they never witness such a scene. “The widow of the rocker would have entered into negotiations with the tax authorities to obtain a moratorium… She would also strive to bring in cash, by multiplying the releases of albums and posthumous shows, even organizing a large exhibition on the youth idol. Unthinkable for her to relive this twenty-seven-year-old nightmare.

That I love you…me neither

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Læticia and Johnny’s life as a couple has not been a long calm river. “Johnny told me about his addictions to alcohol and drugs,” says Læticia in the documentary. I lived his demons on a daily basis, his descents into hell. The sleepless nights when Johnny was inhabited by demons that made him aggressive and violent. “The young woman does not evade either the infidelities which have weakened their love, in particular when Jade arrived in the home. “I forgot myself as a woman, breathes Læticia. What Johnny couldn’t stand. This created differences and then adventures elsewhere. In twenty-three years, there have been ups and downs… Very complicated times. And that’s what we both experienced. We broke up, we got back together. “However, Læticia ensures that she does not regret anything. “If I had to do it again, I would do the same thing. »

Johnny saved by Michael Jackson

At the wheel of his car, Johnny lights up a cigarette when the car radio spits out terrible news: Michael Jackson has just died. An event that will have surprising repercussions for the Taulier, as Læticia explains in the documentary. “In 2008, Johnny is on tour and continues date after date. The insurance companies are starting to be a little scared and are sending him for tests,” recalls Jade and Joy’s mother. This check-up will prove life-saving. “We realize that he has the onset of colon cancer, reveals Læticia. He is operated on and saved… And goes on tour again. I like to say that Michael Jackson saved him. “Questioned a few months after this first alert, Johnny minimizes:” Do not worry, the road is beautiful. What is death? We continue up there. We have to party up there! “But other medical concerns will undermine his morale as hell.

“My husband’s life in my hands”

Another significant episode is mentioned in the documentary. That time Johnny collapses in the kitchen of his Los Angeles home. “It fell in front of me and I don’t know how I managed to carry it. I took him to the emergency room, ”says Læticia. The minutes are counted. Johnny must be operated on within two hours or he will pass. His wife is far from imagining the administrative procedure that the hospital will impose on her before taking charge of the rocker. Ten doctors come to her. “I am told: “You have to choose a doctor”, recalls Læticia. “How do you choose?” I didn’t know anything… Johnny was starting to leave, to have fits of absolute dementia, to call his father, to call his mother…” Læticia will have no choice but to take on this heavy responsibility. “I had my husband’s life in my hands,” she says, trembling. It took a while but they managed to save him. »


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