“Last renovation”: what is this movement that blocked the Tour de France after disrupting Roland-Garros?


“Last renovation”: what is this movement that blocked the Tour de France after disrupting Roland-Garros?
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The activists of “Last renovation” managed to stop the 10th stage of the Tour de France for ten minutes on Tuesday July 12. A new shock action for this citizen movement which wishes to force governments to take action in favor of the climate, in particular through a vast energy renovation of housing.

The name of their movement is still little known to the general public, but their actions are nevertheless clearly visible. This Tuesday, July 12, activists from the environmental collective Last renovation managed to temporarily stop the 10th stage of the Tour de France.

As the runners drove towards Megève, they had to dismount for about ten minutes when nine members of the collective sat down in the middle of the road. A mode of action often used by Last renovation.

What means of action?

Since April, its militants have succeeded in blocking traffic nine times, in particular on the Paris ring road and the A13 motorway. On June 3, Alizée, 22, interrupted the Roland Garros final by attaching himself to the net. On the young woman’s T-shirt, the inscription “We have 1028 days left”.

But who is hiding behind Last renovation ? On its website, the movement presents itself as a collective of citizens who have chosen civil disobedience to warn of the climate emergency. They cite as models the Freedom Riders, American civil rights activists who, in the 1960s, crossed the country to enforce the law prohibiting racial segregation in transport.

?‍♂️ Protesters block the route of the Tour de France, the race is neutralized for now. #TDF2022

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What claims?

The strategy of Last renovation is identical: “to provoke the conflict in a non-violent way until creating a national political drama that nobody could ignore”. But this time on the climate issue. On its website, the movement indicates that it has only one demand: “That the government immediately undertake to ensure the comprehensive and efficient renovation of the French housing stock by 2040 and to develop a simple and progressive financing system taking care of all the work for the most modest owners.”

Where does the movement come from?

According to JDD, Last renovation was founded by former militants ofExtinction Rebellion, another group accustomed to punch actions. This worldwide movement of civil disobedience which aims to fight against ecological collapse and global warming was born in 2018 in the United Kingdom. The two collectives are now part of the A22 networkan organization that unites activists across ten countries.

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