Lidl: employees make appalling revelations about their working conditions!


Lidl: employees make appalling revelations about their working conditions!
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It has been several years since the German giant Lidl settled in France. Much appreciated by the French, the brand has quickly made a name for itself. Indeed, it offers a large selection of quality products at often unbeatable prices. Especially since for a few months it has been developing in sectors other than food and still allows the availability of practical and inexpensive products. But the working conditions are much less appreciated. We’ll explaine everything here.

Lidl: manslaughter

This is the hidden part of the iceberg of Lidl’s success. By what means has the brand been able to succeed so much? It’s been a year since the working conditions of the brand’s employees have been under review. The facts took place 7 years ago. In a Lidl warehouse in the Bouches-du-Rhône in Rousset more precisely, an employee was found hanged. As reported by our colleagues from Parisian, the hierarchical superior of the deceased person was the victim of a burn out. Thus, a judicial inquiry opens some time later. It was after an episode of Cash Investigation, two years later, that the investigation began.

“Very strong managerial pressure”

After the suicide of the Lidl employee, it was the benching of the company that had the opening of his civil lawsuit two years ago. Thus, it seems to denounce that Lidl was guilty of exercising a “very strong managerial pressure since the arrival of a new regional director”. 20 Minutes also reports that “additions of missions in an unpredictable way, without giving them the appropriate means” took place too often.

After several months, a search seemed authorized in their headquarters in Côtes-d’Armor. As a result, nine people were taken into custody after more than a quarantine of complaints against them for moral harassment and union discrimination.

another suicide

It was in September of last year that an employee of the Ploumagoar group also took her own life like the Lidl employee. She still left a letter to explain her choice. In this one she denounces her work as trigger for his suicide. But, several months before she chose to take her own life, she had already tried to make herself heard.

Indeed, she had already alerted the labor inspectorate. At that time, she denounced all the humiliation that she may have suffered as reported by Nice Matin. So fault of the labor inspectorate who does not seem to have listened to him or who did not act quickly enough. But the situation was therefore becoming too difficult to take for this employee who preferred never to have to experience this again, and therefore to live. One more life was lost because of a job as if to employ Lidl.

These working conditions are no longer possible. There are already far too many deaths and burnouts in the world of work for this to continue. Even if burnouts can be the cause of an employee’s personality that is too invested in the task, suicide is in no way forgivable and cannot continue to go unpunished in the world of work, especially at Lidl, which wants to be a perfect sign.

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