Lidl is selling a new device at a bargain price that will transform your daily life this summer

Lidl is selling a new device at a bargain price that will transform your daily life this summer
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Lidl landed in France in 1989. And since then, the German brand has been nibbling away at market share from its competitors. It must be said that Lidl offers branded and quality products every week. Practical, affordable, these products make life easier for many French people. And this new household appliance could also seduce you!

The hard discount brand Lidl is attracting more and more French people. This brand is the new darling of French consumers. It must be recognized that the German hard discount brand is very strong. The brand indeed offers flash sales on a quantity of products as varied as each other. And what seduces customers above all are the ultra-attractive prices for a rarely disappointing quality. If the sign is now part of our daily lives, several facts will surely surprise you about it!

Food, decoration, household appliances, shoes and even perfumes worthy of the biggest luxury brands: you really can find everything at Lidl. If this brand is acclaimed by more and more consumers, few are those who really know the brand. Take the test and you will be surprised!

This device also sucks up liquids!

Do you pronounce the name “Lidl” correctly? This hard-discount brand was born in Germany. So inevitably, the pronunciation of Lidl is “German”. Do you know how to pronounce Lidl? For many French people, the sign is called “Lid-eul”. However, this pronunciation is not good. Yes, you have to say “Lee-dul”. You will have been warned! It may sound a little weird at first, but it’s a bend to take.

Lidl’s big boss is full of aces. The man who runs Lidl is Dieter Schwarz. It was not he who created Lidl but his father, Josef Schwarz. Dieter took over when his father died in 1977. And today, he ranks among the wealthiest in the world! It must be said that it is thanks to him that Lidl has become a hard discount food store. This new concept has pulverized him to the 23rd place of the richest personalities in the world. He is now 80 years old and his wealth has now reached 30 billion dollars.

Originally, Lidl was nothing like a supermarket! The Lidl brand was born in 1930. And at that time, it was not a supermarket at all. Because Lidl only offered food. No household appliances, paper towels or sponges were on the shelves. It wasn’t until 1973 that Lidl started selling slightly more products. And like that, today, you can find designer floor lamps for less than 40 euros as well as AirPods for 20 euros!

Lidl offers it at an unbeatable price

Technically, Lidl is not a “supermarket”. If you compare Lidl to other supermarkets, you will quickly find that it feels much more cramped at Lidl. The stores have been built in such a way that customers complete the drudgery of shopping in just 20 minutes. Not a bad concept!

And above all, it helps to lower rental prices. But things are changing: while most Lidl stores used to be on the outskirts of towns, more and more of them are now opening in the city centre. A new strategy to conquer a larger clientele.

To offer such low prices, Lidl has developed a very special strategy. Unlike other supermarkets, the range of products is very tight. Lidl favors its own products. Less inventory to sell means less loss at the end of sales. And then, the principle of the discount is also to employ fewer people. That’s why the shelves are just piles of pallets next to each other. No shelving needed.

This week, Lidl is releasing a formidable table vacuum cleaner! Practical, you will no longer have to take out your canister vacuum cleaner! In addition, this mini device has an autonomy of 22 minutes. Made by Lidl’s own brand Silvercrest, it also contains a tank that keeps up to 450 gr of dust.

Water, oil, you can vacuum everything with it! This vacuum cleaner can indeed contain 150 ml of liquid. And rest assured, it has a very affordable price! It actually costs less than 20 euros. But the second model that sucks up liquids is worth 149.99 euros! Attention, there will not be for everyone!

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