Lidl: the boss of the sign, Michel Biero, announces very bad news for the stores…


Lidl: the boss of the sign, Michel Biero, announces very bad news for the stores…
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Electricity prices continue to rise. Records are broken and concern both individuals and professionals. The problem is that if professionals are victims of this increase, they pass it on to prices. Michel Biero, the director of Lidl, wants to avoid this situation as much as possible. But for next year, the electricity bill is likely to be multiplied by three. And this is obviously not good news, even if he acts to try to limit the damage as best as possible.

Every Lidl store will pay a huge amount in electricity

Invited on BFM TV, the executive director of Lidl in France, Michel Biero, returned to the current situation concerning the price of electricity. ” Energy costs are huge […] a Lidl store is 5,000 euros per month of electricity. We buy electricity for 2023, we will be at 15,000, we will perhaps not quite times three but not far. It’s not just Lidl stores that are worried, but the whole sector. Urgent regulations are called for to protect consumers’ wallets as well.

But Lidl does not want to wait and is continuing (and accelerating) its policy of energy sobriety. To consume less, to pay less, and to protect the planet as well. ” What we have been doing for years is saving energy costs. We’ve been putting doors on fresh furniture for years, we have 100% of the 1,580 stores in LED, we have 300,000 m² of solar panels and in 10 months we will have 500,000 m², the candelabras in the car parks will be switched to solar. »

Lidl is making efforts to limit its energy consumption

Some activists limit so that supermarkets and stores pay more attention and stop consuming energy stupidly. It took a spectacular rise in prices for them to finally be listened to. Because from the start of the school year, everything changes at Lidl:

We have signed a charter with Perifem in which we undertake to switch off all illuminated signs at night from the start of the school year., in the morning the employees arrive to put on the shelves, they have one in three neon lights, specifies the executive director of the sign. And in the worst case, if we all have to make a collective effort, maybe at some point we will have to reduce opening hours: open later in the morning and close earlier in the evening. »

Man is forced to adapt and Lidl proves it here so that prices do not continue to rise. Because the French will not even be able to afford to go to a Discount store in the midst of inflation if prices continue to rise.

What is the favorite supermarket of the French?

Lidl is not the first in the list. But fifth. A great progression underlined by the Kanter research institute which indicates that Lidl ” is increasingly appreciated by its customers (+ 2 points on the love rating) and consolidates its leadership on the perception of price attractiveness (+ 1 point) “.

But who is at the top of the rankings? It is still E. Leclerc who comes in first place among the supermarkets most visited by the French. With 22.5% market share, the brand gained +0.2 points. Consumers flocked to Leclerc stores, which were among the first to introduce special offers to fight inflation. The purpose of the sign is simple: to protect the purchasing power of consumers. E. Leclerc has indeed launched the “anti-inflation shield”. Earlier this year, the brand was even voted the cheapest supermarket in France by Que Choisir magazine.

In second place, consumers elected Intermarché (14.1% market share), just ahead of U (11.7%), which is on the last step of the podium. A tip to save money in all these stores: ask for the loyalty card. This is ideal for being entitled to exclusive and reserved offers and promotions.

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