Linky counter: Another (very) bad news has just fallen…, beware this bill exceeds 290,000 euros


Linky counter: Another (very) bad news has just fallen…, beware this bill exceeds 290,000 euros
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The linky counter has been a subject of debate since it became mandatory. And for good reason, the latter would tend to push to overconsumption. The bill for some users has also increased significantly. A fact that was explained by Enedis following repeated complaints. We explain the details in this article!

Linky meter: An obligation to respect!

It has been several years now that the French have been asked to use the meter offered by Enedis. It is none other than the Linky Counter. A state-of-the-art box that would allow accurately check consumption. But the first users did not always have a good impression of the latter. It must be said that the rumors about this device were quick to be heard. What tarnish the image of this device which has however become mandatory over time.

Until then, some communities have managed to do without the Linky meter. Indeed, very few homes have agreed to install it in their interior to avoid any inconvenience. But this resistance did not last long. Many households have ended up agreeing to install it. Enough to make a significant change for Enidis. But this situation is not for everyone. You should also know that the various complaints from users could have an even greater impact on this device.

An increase in the bill?

The Linky meter has only one promise: better consumption precision. It is also in this perspective that it facilitates all the work for French households. But this situation is not always met by this small green box. And that’s what happened recently when a couple agreed to install it in their home. If things went well initially, one invoice in particular caught their attention. Indeed, the latter was of value of 289,772 euros. A colossal amount for this family whose consumption habits cannot justify this type of amount.

This is also why they made a complaint about the Linky meter. If we are to believe them, the family has also decided to reduce the use of electrical appliances. The heating of the latter is in particular with coal. As for the composition of the household, it has been reduced by two people. It is therefore simply impossible that their bill has experienced such an increase.

Linky meter: Enedis explains!

It is therefore no longer a secret, errors even occur on the Linky counter. Enidis therefore decided to give some explanations on the subject. According to them, the problem would therefore not come from the meter itself. The couple victim of this situation will have to wait for the answers of the electricity supplier to obtain the details of this rising bill.

However, those responsible for the Linky meter agree that this rising bill is therefore not logical. What reassure the couple despite the doubts that have settled. It remains to be seen whether the couple will have answers quickly.

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