Linky meter: Finally find out who has the right to refuse the device and why

Linky meter: Finally find out who has the right to refuse the device and why
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Paying electricity bills is a major source of problems for many households in France. Especially with this consequent inflationary crisis in the country, the purchasing power of the latter will find it difficult to cover this expense! To resolve their difficulty, the French authorities have required each family to install a linky meter in their home. This new device aims to reduce the amount of electricity consumption of each household. Is the application of this new law really mandatory? We explain to you!

Linky Counter: A new device causing a rebellion!

The initiative of the government in the adoption of this new law was to reduce the expenses of the French. With this new device, the amount of electricity bills will drop slightly ! To convince citizens of its usefulness, the State introduced it as a kind of legal obligation. Moreover, they even enacted laws regarding this linky meter! This is article R341-4 of the Energy Code and decree no. 2010-1022 of August 21, 2010 relating to metering devices on public electricity networks!

Seeing the situation too restrictive, many families find the thing a little suspicious. Doubts win their minds. They are beginning to fear the adverse effects of installing this Linky meter in their home. They fear that this will only increase their monthly payment or cause a terrible fire in their home. In addition, they also fear an impact on the environment. Pain refusal to install!

Is it possible to refute the installation of this device?

In general, as a legal law, it is quite difficult to break! On the contrary, serious criminal penalties may await you if you do not install the linky meter! However, this does not prevent some families from having the guts to refuse the idea outright. Hence the reason why this situation still remains a subject of controversy in France!

Since the State decree on the obligation to install this linky meter, few families have thought of doing it! The majority persist in their position not to enforce this law. The amazing thing about the story is that those who have already enjoyed the new system request a few days after its withdrawal. Strangely, for some households residing in France, this request was accepted!

Linky meter: The necessary conditions to escape its installation!

Admittedly, the use of the linky meter was imposed by the government. However, there are exceptional situations that you can use to avoid its installation. The first circumstance is to be declared as an electrosensitive person. In other words, you must prove in court that the electromagnetic waves of the device deteriorate your state of health!

In addition, you can also refuse the installation of the linky meter by asserting your rights. There is a system that protects families living on private property. It should be noted that the obligation of the State refers only to the home located in the public highway. In addition, you can completely prevent the technical teams of Enedis from invading your house!

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