Linky meters: the bad news has just fallen, it’s turning into a nightmare, here’s what will change


Linky meters: the bad news has just fallen, it’s turning into a nightmare, here’s what will change
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Several households in France have opted for Linky meters as the meter that supplies electricity to their homes. A completely normal choice given the advantages cited when the product was initially launched.

You may regret choosing this option

Obviously, nothing is perfect in this world, because the latest news on Linky meters is likely to anger millions of people. Especially if they were counting on optimizing their consumption during off-peak hours. The least we can say is that those who have these counters at home will be disappointed when they learn of the changes that will be implemented over time.

This change is simply to make its energy cheaper. So far so good. The negative side is that due to this reduction in fees, some users may no longer benefit from Linky meters under the same conditions as before. A news that will surely make some people react.

Following this announcement, we discover in particular that the new installations will therefore be changed. Those who are going to move out of their house are also affected.

Can Linky counters be blocked?

This is not the first time that there has been news about Linky counters, arousing reactions from the public, since many users have already made negative feedback regarding the device.

Some are not really convinced of the functionality of this Enedis product to such an extent that they are even considering blocking these meters. But can we really do it?

The answer is no. Indeed, to build these meters, Enedis, which is the supplier, opted for high-end technologies in order to protect the personal data of Linky and users, but also to avoid any hacking.

Thus, if someone tries to make changes or if something abnormal happens with the meter, Enedis immediately receives notifications at home. To top it all off, consumption data is notably analyzed every day from a general meter to see if there is any unusual change.

In addition to this, the Power Line Carrier (CPL) technology has notably opted for conventional electric wires, which cannot pass through the Internet, thus protecting against a hacking attempt. Thus, we can thus conclude that we have no other choice but to live with these Linky meters.

The refusal of Linky meters

Since 2021, nearly 90% of households have been using Linky meters and even to this day, other people are still waiting for installations of the device to be made at home.

However, not everyone is convinced by Linky counters. Some would like them not to be installed in their homes. It is for this reason that we have put two exceptions in place to refuse the change of meter. The first concerns people who are hypersensitive to electromagnetic waves and the second has to do with respect for private property.

As far as the case of hypersensitivity is concerned, it was the courts that appealed in this regard. As a result, Enedis was asked to remove Linky meters from people who encounter this kind of problem.

Consequently, the meter was removed from the homes of 13 individuals for medical reasons, following the request of the Tours high court. In addition, on January 20, 2020, in the Senate, the Minister of Transition and Solidarity also revealed another condition allowing Linky meters to be refused.

It specifies that if the meters are not on the public highway, Enedis must remove the device. A condition that was placed in the name of respect for private property. For information, nearly 35 million Linky meters were installed in France between 2015 and 2021.

Today, Enedis continues to knock on the door of people who have still not obtained their meters, since there are still 3.8 million people who do not use the device. To do this, Enedis had the idea of ​​creating an interactive map to inform those who are still waiting for their Linky meters. It is thanks to this card that they can know the date of the arrival of the machine in the place where they are.

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