Liverpool – Real Madrid: we know more about the disaster at the Stade de France

Liverpool – Real Madrid: we know more about the disaster at the Stade de France
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11:10 – The 2024 Olympics in danger?

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games take place in just over two years and the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games will be on a different scale than the Champions League final which took place on Saturday May 28. Something to worry some authorities. As a reminder, 600,000 people are expected on the Seine where the ceremony will take place.

10:50 – Justice seized for “counterfeit fraud”

Saturday, May 28, the prefect of police of Paris, Didier Lallement took legal action for “massive fraud with counterfeit tickets”. He believes that “this could have had very serious consequences for the safety of spectators”.

10:30 – Carl Clemente: “It was a war zone”

Author of books on the history of Liverpool, Carl Clemente has never had incidents similar to those on Saturday May 28 before the Champions League final: “I go to games at Anfield, in England and across Europe for twenty-two years now and I had never experienced such a thing as last night… My 9-year-old child suffered the effects of tear gas that the police were throwing for fun! been hit directly. It’s so toxic. It was clearly not a place for children. It was more of a war zone.”

10:10 – 105 arrests and 39 police custody

According to figures communicated to AFP by the Ministry of the Interior, the police carried out 105 arrests and 39 police custody on the sidelines of the C1 final. This report concerns the surroundings of the Stade de France but also the fan zones open to Liverpool and Real Madrid supporters.

09:50 – The European press criticizes

Some European media were quick to react to the incidents on the sidelines of the Champions League final: “These incidents raise serious questions about UEFA’s organization of a major event” for The Guardian (England) . On the Spanish side, the newspaper Sport added a layer: “A shame: the final started half an hour late because of the chaos at the entrance to the stadium”.

09:04 – 30,000 to 40,000 too many supporters during the Liverpool – Real Madrid match

Between 30,000 and 40,000 too many supporters without tickets or with fake entry tickets were present around and in the Stade de France for the Liverpool – Real Madrid match according to a report by the Paris police chief, Didier Lallement. The prefecture believes that in the face of overflows, the security system involving 6,800 police and gendarmes worked and made it possible to “avoid a tragedy” even if it required doing without certain checks.

08:56 – An unprecedented “disorganization” around the Stade de France during the Liverpool – Real Madrid final

“I have never seen such disorganization around the Stade de France.” This morning on Franceinfo, the president of the departmental council of Seine-Saint-Denis, Stéphane Troussel, called for “a rapid, transparent investigation into these dysfunctions. […] I don’t want Seine-Saint-Denis and its inhabitants to be the scapegoats for this disorganization.”

08:49 – UK fans without tickets held responsible for incidents

Gérald Darmanin, the Ministry of Sports, UEFA, the Paris Police Prefecture advance the same discourse and hold certain British supporters responsible for the incidents preceding the Champions League final. They point to hundreds of Liverpool fans without tickets or with fake tickets who would have forced the entrance screening system to go to the stands of the stadium.

08:40 – A meeting between the Ministry of Sports and UEFA after the excesses at the Stade de France

The outbursts and scenes of violence seen before the Champions League final, Saturday May 28, push the Minister of Sports, Amélie Oudéa-Castera, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin and the actors of the organization of the match Liverpool – Real Madrid, UEFA, the FFF, the Stade de France and the Paris police headquarters, among others, to meet this Monday at 11 a.m. to “identify the malfunctions” of the event’s security system.

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