Love is in the meadow: is Mathieu living his last days?

Love is in the meadow: is Mathieu living his last days?
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Candidate Mathieu de l’amour is in the 2020 pre-edition and has been sick for a few years. This is a very serious illness that can suddenly lead to death. In addition, the bull breeder is very worried about the future of his relationship with his new companion Alexandre. He feels a lot of pain to have already left his lover when they have recently started their relationship. Follow the article to find out more!

Love is in the meadow: The love story between Mathieu and Alexandre will soon end!

The couple Mathieu and Alexandre were reunited during the participation in the program love is in the meadow of the year 2020. Although they have a special relationship, they have overcome all social prejudices to share their life together. In 2021, the two lovers decided to unite their lives forever in front of all their loved ones. To thank her for their immense happiness, they invited Karine the merchant to the ceremony.

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Since that moment, the two candidates for love is in the meadow have planned lots of projects for their future. One of them is to adopt a child to experience the joy of becoming dads. However, Mathieu and Alexandre will have to resign themselves to forgetting their wish. Even before having started their story, it will soon come to an end. For the simple reason that the bull breeder is about to leave !

Mathieu suffers from a fatal illness!

During an interview with Télé Loisirs, the love couple is in the meadow confided to Jordan de Luxe the health status of the breeder. They teach the public that Mathieu has Cadasil. The symptoms of this disease lead to difficulties in everyday life. In reality, these consequences are reflected in the degeneration of the brain. This can cause behavioral problems in the victim. For example, he can have a bipolar crisis or depression!

Love is in the meadow
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For his part, Alexandre admitted that he has already prepared psychologically for the events. Nevertheless, he promised that he will not abandon his spouse no matter the difficulties. Hence the reason why, every morning, the farmer is always ready to discover a new facet of his companion because of his crises and to overcome them. At the same time, he declared that he is also willing to change his diapers when he loses his faculties!

Love is in the meadow: Mathieu wants to find a new partner for Alexandre!

Since they discovered the terrible news, Mathieu feels sorry for his companion. Even if in everyday life, Alexandre tries at all costs to simulate his sadness in front of his spouse so as not to overwhelm him even more. To help him overcome this stage, Mathieu enjoy every moment with his farmer! What touching complicity between this couple resulting from love is in the meadow!

Nevertheless, Mathieu covets the idea of find a new companion for Alexander Before his departure. How is this unfortunate candidate for love in the pre account to go about it? He doesn’t know it yet but he is sure of his decision. This breeder would like his spouse to be able to rebuild his life without worries when he is no longer there!

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