Love is in the meadow: the filming turns “into a fiasco”, Karine Le Marchand lets go!


Love is in the meadow: the filming turns “into a fiasco”, Karine Le Marchand lets go!
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Fans of the show are eagerly awaiting the next season of Love is in the meadow. M6 presented the portraits of the farmers. For her part, Karine Le Marchand confided that this 17th edition was not going to be completely as planned.

Stéphane Plaza’s best friend had already shared some images of this new shoot. It was a few weeks ago. “Tata Kaka is chilly. Filming of speed dating », she had teased in the caption of a video published in story on Instagram. What to give water to the mouth of many viewers. We thus discovered nomadic heating in a magnificent rural landscape.

But what was to be concluded from this? Karine Le Marchand knows how to arouse curiosity! But this is not the only one of its particularities! Couple maker, the presenter is still single at 53! La presenter of Happiness is in the meadow on the M6 ​​channel has always insisted on explaining that she felt happy to live alone and that she would not seek true love.

A new season that promises to be very special…

The ex of Lilian Thuram would indeed have a very lonely character. Karine Le Marchand explains that the ” we can be happy and single “and considers that she is part of” people who have experienced confinement rather well”. She would thus see life as a couple as a way of not feeling alone, of killing boredom, and not as a chance to share and grow old together: “ introspection doesn’t scare me, loneliness doesn’t weigh me down“.

But rest assured: Alya’s mother does not live alone far from everyone. The facilitator indeed indicates that “ it’s not just about love, it’s also about bonding“. The least we can say is that she is well surrounded: she is Stéphane Plaza’s best friend. And on the professional side, she has plenty to do not to get bored. In view of her schedule as minister, Karine Le Marchand prefers to laugh: “ I think I’ll be single for a few more years“.

So what should we expect for this new season? To new farmers, new suitors… But not only! Karine Le Marchand has indeed shared two snapshots of an editing screen on which she appears in the image. “On set, special discomfiture…”. She then added: “Even when everything comes together to live a beautiful love story, sometimes the essential codes of seduction are missing… And it turns into a fiasco”, has she indeed.

Karine Le Marchand: candidates in big trouble!

She thus leaves her viewers perplexed and immersed in a mysterious launch of this next season. “Is it the fault of the Covid, of the applications, of this damn habit that we have of only seeing the goal and not the path? »she continues. Before concluding : “We should open a school of seduction. » Within the editorial staffObjeko, we recognize that we would like to know more!

Mathieu and Alexandre did not fail to respond to this intriguing post. Alexandre and her husband Mathieu are among the show’s favorite couples. They met in 2020. In August 2021, in the special program “What became of them”, viewers witnessed their magnificent wedding celebrated in June of the same year. “Yes, I want to be a teacher there…”, they replied in the comments.

This couple and the presenter of the show have a very close relationship. Karine Le Marchand is none other than the godmother of their union. “She holds a very special place in my heart,” Mathieu told France Blue. But what can we expect for this new season? Why are farmers and their suitors having such a hard time seducing this year? To be continued…

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