Luc Besson disappeared: here is the radical choice that the director made before his trial!


Luc Besson disappeared: here is the radical choice that the director made before his trial!
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Luc Besson, the renowned French producer and director at his worst, he disappeared just before his trial! Here are all the details…

A few hours ago, the Court of Appeal confirmed the dismissal in favor of Luc Besson, accused of sexual assault by actress Sand Van Roy.

But before this verdict, the French director decided to change his life. Don’t worry, People Act Magazine’s editorial staff will tell you all about it. Are you ready ?

Luc Besson accused of sexual assault and vi*ls.

On May 18, 2018, the Belgian-Dutch actress Sand Van Roy had filed a complaint for vi*l, a few hours after an appointment in a Parisian palace.

The young woman accuses Luc Besson of having imposed digital anal penetration on her, a source of fainting, despite his orders to stop. The producer admitted an extramarital affair, but he explains that he was not forced to do so. In particular, it highlights a consented intimate relationship marked by “gentleness”.

Two months later, the actress filed a complaint for other rapes and sexual assaults committed between 2016 and 2018. Sand Van Roy believes that Luc Besson had a professional hold on her. With threats of reprisals on her acting career. The preliminary investigation had been dismissed in February 2019 by the Paris prosecutor’s office. Subsequently, an investigating judge was then seized of the case.

Luc Besson changes his life

Two years later, on December 9, 2021, another investigating judge issued a dismissal order. Finally, this Tuesday, the Paris Court of Appeal confirmed the dismissal pronounced against Luc Besson.

At the end of the deliberations, the producer’s lawyer took the floor. He regrets these four lost years: “The court confirmed the innocence of my client”. A dozen of Van Roy’s procedural initiatives all ended the same way. Luc Besson regrets these four lost years”.

According to information from Closer, the director was quick to regain control of his life. Even before the closing of the case, Luc Besson would have sold his Parisian apartment, located avenue Montaigne.

Indeed, he decided to pack his bags and move to Los Angeles. Moreover, it is there that he began filming his next film, DogMan. As a reminder, in this feature film, it is the young Caleb Landry Jones who should play the main role.

Sand Van Roy attacks French justice

For her part, the plaintiff does not accept the verdict. Indeed, Sand Van Roy spoke on social networks, strongly condemning the decision of the Court of Appeal. She notably accuses French justice of protecting Luc Besson: “You humiliated me, defamed me, damaged me for life.

Luc Besson

You made my mother cry today and I will never forgive your country for that. You managed to destroy everything I love (…) Do not file a complaint. Especially not on the day of the facts. Especially not against Luc Besson. He’s there. I understood “. Obviously, Antoine Gitton, one of the lawyers of the actress, announced an appeal in cassation.

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