Manchester City, defeated at the end of the match by Brentford, misses its last meeting before the World Cup


Manchester City, defeated at the end of the match by Brentford, misses its last meeting before the World Cup
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The game: 1-2

“I’m sure the players will have that (the World Cup) in mind. I would be the same in their place. declared in the week Pep Guardiola. Eight days before the start of the World Cup (November 20), and on the eve of joining their selection to prepare for the competition, the City players would have liked to live a quieter afternoon, against Brentford, allowing them to approach the global deadline in better conditions.

Instead, City struggled first before being crucified in the dying minutes by Thomas Frank’s players (1-2). Consequence: the Mancunians remain second in the standings and regardless of their result this Saturday evening against Wolverhampton, Arsenal will be leaders at the end of this 16th day.

Blame it on a good start to the Bees game, first. From the 4th minute, Onyeka came to alert Ederson whose good exit avoided the opener. A new threat from the visitors ended three minutes later with a strike from Ivan Toney, too crushed and again stopped by the Brazilian goalkeeper, not flawless on his exit at the start of the action. Brentford’s third clear situation was the good one (16th), thanks to the same Toney, lobbing Ederson with a header.

The response from Guardiola’s men was long overdue but took place. By pushing to equalize against a team now curled up in defense, the Citizens first provided themselves with three possible penalty situations. But with the intervention of the VAR in particular, none were granted, proof that to fly serenely to Qatar (16 City players have been selected to date), nothing would be offered to them. It was Phil Foden who therefore decided to take matters into his own hands, equalizing with a sumptuous half-volley, which came to stay under the bar (45 + 1st).

Returning from the locker room, the Citizens had many situations but could not conclude, the fault of a lack of efficiency in front of the goal (see elsewhere) as well as a vigilant opposing goalkeeper (73rd, 77th). At the end of the match, 10 extra minutes of play were granted, due to a long interruption of the match to bandage the injury of Aymeric Laporte. It was after this additional time that the Bees crucified the Sky Blues on a counter-attack (90 + 8th), concluded by Ivan Toney, double scorer (see elsewhere). They could even have increased the score if Kevin De Bruyne had not found himself defending in the position of last defender (90 + 9th).

The player: Ivan Toney took revenge

Not selected by Gareth Southgate in the week, the English striker from Brentford was bound to be disappointed when starting the game. He found the best solution to get over his bitterness. Double scorer, he crucified the 2nd in the Premier League after additional time, beaten for the first time this season at home and for 16 games at the Etihad Stadium.

The fact: City clumsy in last move

6/29. Like their shots on target / total shots ratio, the Mancunians were more confused than usual in the last gesture. However, the brilliant offerings of Kevin De Bruyne were not lacking (9th, 41st, 66th), nor were the striking situations (22nd, 33rd, 66th, 70th, 78th, 90 + 2nd). But the Sky Blues have sometimes lacked efficiency and missed gestures that they usually succeed, like the strike above Ilkay Gündogan at the penalty spot (66th).

The penultimate gesture also disappointed at times. We have often seen Erling Haaland being lobbed or too short on the many centers that were intended for him. This was the case on a counter that could have changed the result of the match (88th), where he lost his support when receiving the ball.

Manchester City are defeated for the first time this season at home and will remain in second place in the Championship at the end of the day. For their part, the Bees, who had not won since October 14, temporarily go back to 10th place before the other meetings of the weekend.


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