Married at first sight Belgium: “low-cost version”, “MAPR in Groland”, “a parody” … Internet users not convinced by the show


Married at first sight Belgium: “low-cost version”, “MAPR in Groland”, “a parody” … Internet users not convinced by the show
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M6 broadcast the first episodes of the Belgian version of Married at first sight, this Monday, July 4. The channel’s viewers really struggled to hang on to the program, which is very close to the original.

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Last week, season 6 of Married at first sight bowed out on M6. Viewers were able to see that, as they had assumed, Pauline and Damien and Alicia and Bruno were still together. For others, the adventure had ended prematurely. Caroline and Axel thus made the decision to separate, even before their honeymoon, while Émilie and Frédérick quickly decided to divorce after several disputes. For some, this assessment has been tinged with bitterness. Sandy felt that her history with Alex had been “ghostedby the production of the show. “I think both of us needed to cut a little, because we were a little jaded to see that our story, it was a little sloppy and that in the end, no one can understand it”, she had thus regretted during a live performance by Pauline and Damien.

Married at first sight France VS Belgium: two almost identical concepts

It must be said that M6 had decided to make a bet and to broadcast the Belgian version of the program from this Monday, July 4. The concept of the two shows is almost identical, with a few minor differences. Two strangers decide to unite without knowing each other, helped in this by the expertise of psychologists and love coaches, who estimate their compatibility rate. Viewers first witnessed the union between Julien and Elodie in the first episode. The two candidates had a real crush on each other, although the young man was tattooed, which was normally an obstacle for his future wife. But unlike the French program, the grandmother and sister of the bride had the opportunity to meet the suitor, before the passage to the town hall. If the two shows are very similar, Internet users however had difficulty hanging on with the Belgian version.

Internet users make fun of the Belgian version of the show

Many have reported on Twitter that they find the pace of the show too soft for their taste. Some even came down hard on the program, comparing it to So truethe NRJ12 program which featured anonymous people with sometimes quirky lifestyles or even Greenland. “Looks like a parody”laughed a surfer.It’s clearly Married at first sight in Groland this show, outbid another. Some, however, appreciated this version more “authenticof the program, which featured real people. “I find that compared to France, they are more like Mr/Mrs everyone. You have less the impression that they are there to do reality TV or become influencers”for example, noticed a viewer.

Here is our review of tweets from the evening:

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