Married at First Sight: Eddy in a dead end, he confides in his marriage!


Married at First Sight: Eddy in a dead end, he confides in his marriage!
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The situation doesn’t really get better between Eddy and Jennifer. The two candidates of Married at first sight never got closer, and this, because of the requirements of the beautiful blonde! A situation that puts her husband in an embarrassing situation. Therefore, he decides to dot the “i’s” during a one-on-one dinner. Find out the details in this article!

Eddy Married at first sight kept apart by his wife

Monday, June 13, viewers of the show Married at first sight were able to attend a summary of the life of the couple Eddy / Jennifer! It was during this program that we were able to discover that the two lovebirds still did not get closer. Indeed, despite his desire to take the next step, the 37-year-old event manager is still kept at a distance by his wife. And this, throughout the duration of their stay in Portugal!

Indeed, the candidate with whom he has 81% compatibility is struggling to cross the threshold. Because this 31-year-old hair salon manager is suspicious all the time. A sequel of her past that continues to haunt her, Jennifer in Married at First Sight 2022 is hard to convince. She does not easily grant her confidence and wants to do things at her own pace. A situation that her husband is forced to accept… in spite of himself!

A blockage to ponder

Helpless in the face of the situation, Eddy allows himself a moment of reflection away from his wife. And since he is out of options, he decides to seek advice from his best friend and witness. It was then that he advised him to ask his wife for more explanations. Indeed, Jennifer still asked that they do separate room… we understand that this can disturb the candidate of Married at first sight.

He then decides to follow his friend’s advice. “It’s totally destabilizing. I’m lost in all of this. It’s complicated, ”he confided to his wife. Therefore, Jennifer gradually indulges in her. She tries to make efforts and during their honeymoon, she did not fail to congratulate her man. Married at first sight candidate is grateful to her husband which lets him open up little by little. And in this way, he does things very well!

Jennifer Married at First Sight really appreciates Eddy

But this is not the only confidence that Jennifer made to her husband. Indeed, she admits to having feelings for the latter. Indeed, the young woman announces to her husband “that he really liked him”. What fully reassure this participant of Married at first sight. Afterwards, she took his handan act that did her husband a lot of good!

Back in Lille, the two candidates of Married at first sight returned to their respective homes. They often met, however, no kiss has yet been exchanged. Moreover, the manager has not yet invited her husband to come to her house! Which begins to create a blockage in his partner!

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