Medical convention: the “lack of recognition” of liberal doctors at the heart of tensions


Medical convention: the “lack of recognition” of liberal doctors at the heart of tensions
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Health insurance and the doctors’ unions have until Tuesday, February 28, midnight, to agree on the new agreement which will establish the conditions of exercise and remuneration of the entire profession for the next five years. But the prospect of an agreement is moving away: the two main unions of liberal doctors, MG France and Avenir Spé-Le Bloc, announced, Sunday evening February 26, their rejection ” unanimously ” of the government-supported project.

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This refusal largely compromises the possibilities of agreement around a convention. To do this, one or more unions representing at least 30% of the votes in the last elections, among generalists and specialists, must give their agreement. In each of the two colleges, only one group, respectively MG France and Avenir Spé, exceeds this ratio.

The Minister of Health, François Braun, regretted the absence of ” responsibility “ liberal doctors, whose two main unions have announced their rejection of the new consultation rates proposed by Medicare. “There will be no agreement from here [mardi] evening, it’s almost certain, even if I always want to believe in common sense”said the minister on France Inter, Monday.

“There was 98% participation and 100% said no to signing”, a rejection that “must be of a nature to make politicians think”said Agnès Giannotti, the president of MG France, during a press conference on Sunday. “The government has not understood the malaise of this profession”denounced the union in a statement, adding that Medicare had no “not measured the lack of attractiveness of this complex medical specialty”.

Revaluation of consultations of 1.50 euro

Avenir Spé-Le Bloc, meeting in general assembly on Sunday, came to the same conclusion: “No signature, unanimously”confirms its president, Patrick Gasser. “It is a failure, and the responsibility lies largely with the government”he adds, pointing to a “distortion” between political speeches on the urgency of acting and the proposals put on the table.

The question of the new consultation tariffs is at the heart of the tensions. The Medicare proposal provides for a revaluation of all consultations of 1.50 euro. This would bring the reference price of a general practitioner to 26.50 euros and that of specialists to 31.50 euros.

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Those who would agree to sign the “territorial commitment contract”, new tool introduced by the draft agreement on the principle of “upgrades and counterparties”, would have access to increased levels of consultations. Red cloth during all the negotiations, this device conditions access to three new levels of pricing for medical consultations (at 30 euros for general practitioners and 35 euros for specialists, then at 40 euros, finally at 60 euros). In exchange, doctors should welcome new patients, become more involved in ongoing care, offer “advanced consultations”to provide more call duty in the evenings, on weekends, etc.

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