Metal Gear Solid: Incredible, but true! Do you know this secret of the famous PlayStation stealth game?


Metal Gear Solid: Incredible, but true!  Do you know this secret of the famous PlayStation stealth game?
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news tip Metal Gear Solid: Incredible, but true! Do you know this secret of the famous PlayStation stealth game?

September 3, 1998. After a development worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster, Hideo Kojima delivers his vision of the stealth game to the whole world. Metal Gear Solid, by its scenario, its staging, its realization and its propensity to break the fourth wall becomes a real phenomenon! Last December, the Bad Humans channel revealed a surprising secret in a video, but according to the comments, this information has flown a little under the radar.

After struggling in his early days (cancellation of his game Lost Warld), Hideo Kojima was finally able to count on strong support in the person of Naoki Matsui. The one who left Konami after the release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan on Game Boy became a mentor and allowed the Setagaya native to take off with exceptional titles, including the first two episodes from Metal Gear on the Japanese computer MSX. A time expected on 3DO, the third Metal Gear – now Metal Gear Solid – finally took advantage of the aggressiveness of the Japanese designer and the emergence of the PlayStation to become the masterpiece that we know. The well-named MGS caused a stir when it was released and no one has forgotten the incredible finds of Kojima and his team. Ketchup, Meryl’s frequency hidden on the box of the game, the TV that starts skidding (with the Hideo display) or the sensational Psycho Mantis, there are countless testimonials from players marked by this title! And we’re not even talking about the completely innovative production at the time! We thought we had covered the question around the first Metal Gear in 3D. And yet…

Control soldiers!?

This information from the Bad Humans channel dates back to December of last year, but a simple glance at the comments proves that the information was a little under the radar. As Metal Gear Solid has just celebrated its twenty-fourth anniversary, let’s come back to this find.

Attention, for those who have not played the game and who wish to do so, this sequence takes place at the end!

A short distance from the end credits, Metal Gear Solid immerses us in a tunnel and the player must flee in a jeep. The path is riddled with enemies and it turns out Psycho Mantis’ trick works on the soldiers! Like the famous boss, just plug the controller into the second port of the console to take control of enemies, make them disappear off-screen to pass this sequence without difficulty. This secret, discovered for the first time by speedrunner PlatonicGuy (notably known for his performance on Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty), demonstrates that Kojima’s team has definitely thought of everything until the end of development. Finally, important information to know: this trick does not work on the remake of MGS on Gamecube, the controversial Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.

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